Betty's Adventures in Mexico
The episode begins with the Suarezes preparing for their trip to Mexico for Ignacio to apply for a US Visa.  Hilda is talking with Santos about wedding plans and Betty gets a voicemail from Henry that she doesn't return.  The family takes their first class flight over and when they arrive we get a Suarez family reunion.  As Betty tries to learn about her mother's side of the family, Ignacio and Aunt Mirta are trying to stop her from learning the full truth.  Betty meets one of her relatives, a Curandero, who tells her she'll find what she's looking for in a blue house behind a tree with missing branches.

After the party, Betty gets her aunt drunk as they talk about Rosa and her aunt slips that their grandmother is still alive!  The next day Ignacio tells him he kept it a secret because their grandmother stopped talking to them once Rosa left with the chef.  Betty is determined to meet her grandmother and take sHilda with her on a bus ride.  When Betty thinks she sees Henry she gets off the bus with Hilda, ony to be stranded in the middle of nowhere.  At the new town, Betty thinks she sees Henry again and follows him until she finds the tree and eventually the blue house with her grandmother.  She goes inside and finds out her grandmother has alzheimer and thinks Betty is Rosa.  She apologizes and tells her to go and be with the man she loves (Ignacio).  Ignacio arrives at the end to help translate and it looks like all is good.

Hilda, who didn't go with Betty, took a break at a local cafe where she meets Antonio, who gives her a foot massage.  He tries to convince her she's making the wrong decision by marrying Santos.  Sleaze.  Betty and Ignacio return and give Hilda their mother's wedding dress, which Hilda takes as a sign she was meant to marry Santos.  Ignacio introduces himself to Antonio, who after they leave, makes a phone call to say that Ramiro Vasquez's murderer (Ignacio) has returned to Mexico and they can get their revenge.

Daniel and Alexis
Daniel is acting drugged out during a staff meeting and Alexis tries to take over the meeting, when Wilhelmina brings up getting Jordan Hill for a photo shoot, prompting Alexis to end the meeting promptly.  Apparently Jordan is Alexis' ex.  As Jordan confronts Alexis she tries to explain she didn't know how to say goodbye.  When Daniel sees Jordan, he invites himself on her bungee jumping trip.  After, the two end up kissing and Alexis walks in.  Daniel thinks Alexis is jealous and she goes to apologize to Jordan for never saying goodbye.  Alexis and Jordan then kiss (!!) and Daniel witnesses and tries to take a pill, only he's out.  Alexis meets with the hitman she hired to off her father and he says it will be their last meeting.  Daniel tries to order more pills at home but is beat up by thugs that arrive.

Amanda's Gay Boyfriend
Wilhelmina sets up a private showing of Taveres' clothing.  Marc at first seems jealous of Amanda's new gay best friend, Tavares.  At the party, Marc sees that Tavares is being mean to Amanda as he's trying to keep up his image of being gay.  When Marc walks in on Amanda and Tavares making out, Amanda tells Marc Tavares is just pretending for his career.  When Marc next witnesses Tavares being mean to his friend to exposes him as a straight guy.  The guests don't seem to care and they say the fashion industry is tolerant.  Thast's when Amanda takes out Tavare's hideous designs (a coconut shell shirt that Wilhelmina previously told him to get rid of) and embarasses him.  After the party, Marc and Amanda head to Christina's closet and go to steal Amanda some shoes and accidentally discover Fey's Love Dungeon!

Wilhelmina and Bradford

Bradford still hasn't signed the divorce papers with Claire saying that he was a different man when he first met Claire.  He was "Brad," and still had his whole life ahead of him.  He wasn't prepared to start all over with someone new.  Wilhelmina tries to help Bradford rediscover Brad with a makeover.  However, when he's embarasses at Tavares' party with the way he dresses, Wilhelmina tells him it was Braford she fell in love with, not Brad.  He signs the divorce papers.

Ugly Betty
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Ugly Betty Season 1 Episode 22 Quotes

Daniel: You're not the only one in charge.
Alexis: I'm the only one in charge whose pupils aren't the size of quarters.

Doesn't anyone care that I am understudying the lead in West Side Story? God forbid Joey Colano takes ill and I don't know my finger snaps for the rumble.