Episode 8 begins with Betty playing solitaire at the office and on the phone with her sister.  Can't you see she's busy?  She can't make it to the meeting with the lawyer or go shopping.  She goes to Daniel and asks if she can go home early.  Daniel meanwhile rambles on about Sofia who he's clearly in love with.  When invited by Amanda, Marc decides to blow his family off for Thanksgiving and spend it at the office.  It turns out Nico is coming home for Thanksgiving.

Daniel and Betty are discussing his father's Thanksgiving brunch that he doesn't want to go to.  When Sofia comes by the office, Daniel sends Betty home.  The two decide just to be friends and when she says she's going to his father's brunch, he's in.  Oh and she'll be bringing her boyfriend, Hunter.  Betty finally makes it home and missed going over the case and Hilda already did the shopping.  Wilhelmina calls and cancels Donatello's party... she's doing Thanksgiving dinner with Nico.  Betty goes out to buy some more food and runs into Gina who warns her to be careful about their new lawyer, Leah, she ripped off some woman and never did the work.

Daniel calls Betty: it's an emergency, come over now.  Meanwhile, Marc and Amands are busy eating gift baskets and watching the parade from Mode offices.  When Betty arrives at Daniel's it turns out the emergency was she needed to pick out a shirt for him to wear to brunch.  Santos shows up at the Suarez house with a gift for Justin.  Betty goes to meet the former client of Leah and finds out she filed the papers, took the money, and then disappeared.

Santos gave Justin a bunch of football equipment and he uses the cup to imiate phantom of the opera.  Betty comes home to warn Hilda of the lawyer but she just thinks Betty is jealous she found the lawyer.  Amanda and Marc are at the office wearing dresses and singing when they decide to go over their biggest regrets.  Amanda is stil lin love with Daniel.  At brunch, Claire and Bradford look happy enough to together, and Daniel gets a glimpse of the perfect Hunter.  Wihelmina calls up Martha Stewart to get cooking instructions.  Daniel gets to meet Hunter and learn just how perfect he is.  In the peace corps, is a model, professional driver.  Also at brunch, Bradford thinks he sees Fey and when he tells Claire she thinks he just had too mucht o drink.

Walter shows up to the Suarez house and Betty is busy freaking out.  Nico comes home and tells her mom she came in for a concert and figured her mom already made plans... she gets a glmpse of the feast her mom made though.  At Mode, Amanda is all depressed about Daniel and Marc tries to cheer her up with gossip and they discuss the lady that's always calling Wilhelmina (the bandaged woman).

When Daniel eharrs Daniel can't dance, he suggsts the three of them go out dancing that night!  Betty confronts Leah about what she did to her previous client, says it was because she didn't want to represent an alcoholic.  Oh.  They invite her back for dinner that night.  Bradford calls his shady guy and sets up a meeting at the cemtary.  At the dance club, Daniel calls Betty and asks for salsa dancing lessons over the phone.  While peeing next to Hunter, Daniel notices he's perfect umm... even down there.

The Suarez family is still waiting on Leah to return to eat.  Back at the club it turns out Hunter is an amazing dancer!  At the graveyard, Bradford and shady guy open the tomb and it's empty!  He accuses the guy of working for Fey and his new shady guy, Mr. Green, enters.  Betty is reheating the gravy when Hilda comes in to tell her Leah disconnected her cell phone and office number.  Betty was right.  Daniel leaves to go home and Sofia follows him inside the car.  She says Hunter is gonna propose and can provide her with a white picket fence life.  Can he?  He doesn't answer and she leaves.

Back at Wilhelmina's, Nico set the table with Wilhelmina's feast.  They sit down and start to bond.  Hilda and Betty are talking and Betty tries to blame herself for being too involved at work.  Marc and Amanda are looking through Wilhelmina's cell phone records to see who the woman is.  They call the number and it's a surgeical center and they get transferred to the woman who asks why she's calling from her office number.  Click.  The bandaged woman then calls Wilhelmina and they realize someone is on to them.  Betty comes to the salsa club to get Daniel who's passed out drunk.  The episode ends with us seeing the shady guy trapped in Fey's tomb.

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He says he has to spend Thanksgiving with his wife and kids...I'm like.. grow a pair


I'm sorry you were looking at me and saying things... I wasn't listening