Episode 7 starts with Betty coming to Daniel, who just got off the phone with the third writer to turn down his assignment.  She delivers him a wet bagel, which is wet apparently because the sprinklers went off in the MYW office where Betty was getting Sofia to sign her book.  Sofia, the editor in chief of MYW, and her staff come and take over Daniel's conference room as their temporary office.  Bradford comes to Wilhelmina to ask her to pitch Ted, a mogul of a big Walmart-like chain.  He thinks Ted will be more responsive to a woman.

Sofia comes and brings Betty a dry copy of her book and asks her to read her latest article about a sexaholic and give opinion.  Jealous Daniel steals Betty away and think Sofia is playing games (I mean just look at the article!  It's got Daniel written all over it) so gives Betty his own job... write a hotel review.  Betty goes down to visit Christina and we find out she had plans with Walter to go to Atlantic City that she'll have to cancel.  Amanda comes to Christina to get Bomart clothing for Wilhelmina to wear.

At home, Betty invites Walter to the hotel but he wants to go to AC alone.  Betty shows up at the hotel and they're very nice to her when they find out she's from Mode.  Back at the office, Daniel drops a copy of Sofia's book in front of her... he says he's doing research.  Betty arrives in her very nice looking suite.  While Wilhelmina is desperately trying to find an acdeptable Bomart outfit, she has Marc set her office up to be more Lonestar friendly (Ted's from Texas).  Betty is desperately trying to sound fancy when reviewing the hotel and orders a massage.  The Bomart guy finally arives in Wilhelmina's office and asks her to convince him.

In the hotel Betty is accidentally ordering a porn when Sven, the very good looking masseuse shows up.  Daniel comes out of his office to see the women of MYW looking at breast implants and he makes a tasteless joke before finding out they're doing a piece on reconstructive surgery for cancer survivors.  Nice foot in your mouth Daaniel.  Back to Betty's massage.  Someone's at the door and it's a jealous little Walter.

Hilda goes to a man named Santos for the money.  He already knows Ignacio needs the money for a lawyer.  Turns out Santos is her baby's daddy and he'll give her the money in exchange he wants to see his son.  Walter couldn't to to Atlantic Ciy without her.  He's going to stay and the two get dressed for dinner.  Back at Mode, Ted wants to move the discussion to dinner.  Wilhelmina and Marc go with him to a Coyote Ugly style dive bar.

At dinner, Betty in her prom dressed, and Walter awkwardly dressed up, the two are unable to get in until Betty shouts Mode.  Right this way.  Hilda tells Ignacio how she got the money and he doesn't think it's a good idea.  In the conference room Indian food arrives.  Turns out Daniel ordered the food for her after reading Indian is an aphrodesiac in her book.  He apologizes and the two eat.  It's a little too spicy for Daniel and Sofia says he needs some air.  They go on her motorcycle!

At the dive bar, Marc is freaking out when he has to do a body shot off a woman and Wilhelmina lets him leave.  Sofia and Daniel are playing some 9 Ball at a bar and she keeps winning.  Betty and Walter now begin to awkwardly eat appetizers that Walter feels taste like shaving cream.  Hilda meanwhile is waiting for Santos to show up to see Justin and still no sign of him.  Still playing pool, Daniel asks why Sofia thinks he's a sexaholic... she asks why he think it's not her that's the sexaholic?  They begin to make out in a photobooth.  Hot!

Meanwhile Hilda is freaking out waiting for Santos and goes out looking for him.  The meal finally comes for Walter and Betty.  Walter is unable to eat the food and freaks out demanding a cheeseburger.  Betty thinks Walter is trying to sabotage him and he says he wants Betty from Queens back and for her to stop pretending.  He leaves.  Betty is trying to write the piece in her room when she looks over at Walter's stuff and picks up the phone.

Real late at the Suarez house, Santos finally shows up and he's all beat up.  Wilhelmina meanwhile is doing body shots with Ted when she says enough of this frat house crap, she knows he's not gonna buy.  She then gets a phone call from Nico who hated her care package... it has perfume in it.  She's allergic to perfume.  So it turns out Santos got beat up by his bookie... that's wear he got his money from.  He doesn't want Justin to see him like this.  She invites him to come to Thanksgiving.

Back to Wilhelmina and Ted.  The two bond over their teenage daughters.  He says he's glad he saw this sign of her and wants to advertise.  Though it turns out he wants to advertise since she gave the pitch.  He just wanted to have some fun with her.  Time to go to a nice dinner at Babo's, he knows the chef.  Betty comes back home to Walter with his cheeseburger.  She tells him he's not gonna lose her, she just needs him to be there for her.  Hilda tells Justin his dad is coming for Thanksgiving and it turns out he'd rather have Martha Stuart.  Wouldn't we all?

After Daniel spent all weekend thinking of Sofia, he finally gets to see her on Monday when she's cleaning all her crap out of the conference room.  She tells him she was busy all weekend with her boyfriend.  Wilhelmina gets a gift of shoes from Ted.  Apparently their weekend went very well together.  She's also handpacking her own care package to Nico this time.  No Marc needed.

Daniel can't use the piece that Betty wrote.  It's very Betty and very good, but Mode readers don't want regular, they want sheek.  He'll give her another chance.  Sofia finds Betty hiding in the bathroom.  She loved the article and wants to use it in MYW.  We end the epiosde with Betty doing a little dance.

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Ugly Betty Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Your asking me to entertain Ted Lebob... the present of Bomart... a store that has the fashion equivalent of canned ravioli


Sofia: Your lead story is just great, "ten ways to lose thighs and get guys." So empowering.
Daniel: What's your cover story? Ten ways to treat a guy like dirt so you end up a lonely desperate cat lately.
Sofia: Well the title's a little long but thanks for the story pitch