Daniel wakes up in Betty's bed extremely hungover and is too sick to go into work.  Wilhelmina and Marc are in the office and Wilhelmina knows that someone was in her office.  We find out Mode is getting the exclusive first pictures of celebrity baby Chutney.  Back at the Suarez household, Santos is still over from the previous night and Ignacio says he likes the old days when he'd sneak away in the middle of the night.  When Betty arrives in Daniel's office, Sofia is there.  She left Daniel three messages and is not sure if she wants to marry Hunter.

When Daniel is trying to sneak out he overhears that the family cannot afford a Christmas tree this year.  Ignacio seems him at the door and invites him to breakfast.  When he sits down in front of his meal he runs to the bathroom to vomit.  At the office, Bradford comes in and we find out there's only a 3 hour window to shoot baby Chutney.  Bradford assigns Sofia to help do the copy for the article.  Betty calls Daniel who's unable to make it in... but then the Christmas tree he ordered the family arrives.  Aww.

The photographer of the baby shoot, Bruno, is meeting with Betty and Amanda and wondering where Daniel is.  Betty wants Bruno's opinion and all he wants out of her is coffee.  Hilda and Ignacio are talking about Santos back at home... how long odes he plan on staying this time?  Bruno and Betty continue to discuss but needs to hear it from Daniel.  Wilhelmina and Marc are in the car off to meet with the celebrity baby parents at the airport and she sees a text message from Amanda and realizes it was Marc and Amanda in her office yesterday.  She throws his phone out the window and the car gets a flat tire and they're forced to pull over.  Betty tries to call Daniel again and Sofia tries to grab the phone.  Bruno is going to put the baby in chainmail (because the baby is ugly and the parents were in a movie that had chainmail), and if Daniel doesn't come in in an hour he loses his vote.

Daniel is sitting with the Suarez family around the Christmas tree as they take out homemade ornaments.  Justin gives Daniel an ornament to hang and he doesn't even know where to begin to hang it... his family never let him touch their Christmas tree.  Betty comes down to Christina who's trying to fit the chainmail for the baby and Betty desperately tries to call Daniel who tells her to take care of it... she's "the man!"  Marc and Wilhelmina are now in a cab and Wilhelmina tells him she can't protect him from the bandaged lady, he stepped over the line.

Betty is meeting with Bruno with her new found confidence and when he insist the baby needs to wear chainmail because he's ugly, Betty fires him.  Back in the cab, Wilhelmina insults the cab driver until he kicks them out, with Wilhelmina's purse and cell phone being left in the cab.  At the office, Sofia is going to help Betty and the team on the baby Chutney project are in the conference room awaiting instructions.  Back at the Suare family, Santos tries to drag Justin outside to play football and be a normal kid.  Daniel steps up and defends Justin and says he needs him to help decorate the tree.  Hilda finally stands up to Santos and says she's comfortable with who Justin is and he Santos has a problem with it, he should leave.  He does!

At the meeting Betty pitches her idea for the shoot... modern day Garden of Eden.  Wilhelmina and Marc are now on foot with no money and cell phones in a bad neighborhood and run into some hookers and nearly get into a fight when they try and touch Wilhelmina's fur.  They end up running when one of them pulsl a knife.  Back the house Daniel hangs his stocking on the tree and Ignacio tells him he'd be a great father.  When Betty calls to tell him her idea, he says let's do something simpler... do the shoot at her house.  Betty and Sofia are in the elevator and she asks Sofia for a ride to her house for the shoot.

Wilhelmina and Marc are hiding in a church and they find a donation box.  They break in and take enough money for a cab ride and Wilhelmina puts in a diamond earring in exchange.  Sofia  and Betty arrive at the house and Sofia asks Betty why she didn't just ask Christina for a ride?  She wanted Sofia to talk to Daniel before she leaves to marry Hunter.  Daniel is inside getting advice from Ignacio and learns how to say "I love with you and can't live without you" in Spanish.  Sofia and Betty are still outside and Sofia offers Betty a job at her magazine.  Daniel comes outside and tries to deliver his newfound Spanish lines and butchers them... they kiss.

Daniel comes inside.  Sofia ia going to stay.  Daniel tells her to take the job.  The bandaged woman calls the office line (Wilhelmina has no cell phone, remember?) and tells Marc she's an old friends from college.  Marc tells her he knows who it is and says there's no more secrets... he wants a new job title and company credit card.  The episode ends with the family talking about the photo shoot and Betty's new job when someone's at the door... it's Immigration.  Ignacio has to come with them, he's under arrest.

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Ugly Betty Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Maybe you should stick to girls who love two seaters


Daniel: and you slept?
Betty: In your arms... I'm kidding, relax