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Editors Note: Swag, which is the 11th episode, was originally meant to air as the 4th.  In the US it aired as the 11th and used some edititng and flashbacks to make up for continuity problems.  On the DVD it played as the fourth episode.  We are writing the recap off the DVD / International version which does not use flashbacks.   Here we go!

The episode starts off with chaos at Mode.  It's the time of the year when Christina has to empty out the closet and people get free stuff.. aka swag.  Betty and Daniel meet and we find out Daniel has to meet with the all white, minimalist designer, Oshi.  Expense reports are also due and Betty still hasn't completed Daniels... go see Henry at accounting.  We also find out Daniel's personal credit card has been bouncing and when Betty and Daniel get their first paychecks... both are very shocked to see how low they are.

Betty, Amanda, and Marc are hanging out and we find out Marc gets first pick in Swag closet.  He wants a Gucci purse he can use to trade... at Mode, fashion is currency.  Betty asks for help on the expense report and Marc hands her one he did for Wilhelmina.  Betty and Christina are walking down the street when Betty sees a purse that reminds her of one her mother gave her as a child.  Betty, at home, is going through all of Daniel's receipts and shows her family her paycheck... it's terrible.  She might need a second job.

Betty heads out the next day and Walter is behind her stalking her.  He gives her a universal remote as a gift but Betty is not happy... he cheated on her and a remote isn't going to win her back.  She goes into the pharmacy to try and get her father's medication but the HMO won't pay for it and they can't afford to pay cash.  Betty runs into Bradford in his limo and he tells Betty he wants to see her in his office but doesn't want Daniel to know.

Betty and Daniel are talking about Oshi.  Daniel wants to do it alone without Wilhelmina.  He asks Betty to go get him a bagel and spot him the cash... he's out.  The bandaged woman calls Daniel and tells him his father is destroying evidence and covering his tracks.  We cut over to Bradford who's looking at a music box.  The employees are going nuts in the closet grabbing swag and poor Betty just needs to find Amanda to cover the phones so she can meet with Henry.  After giving Henry the expense report... and stealing his bagel for Daniel... Betty goes to see Bradford.  He takes the bagel thinking it's for him. He tells her he knows a strange woman calls from time to time.  It's just a woman they fired.  Bradford wants to know everything the woman says and not to tell Daniel she's spying for Bradford.

Daniel calls Betty into his office.  She thinks she's in trouble for not brinign him a bagel but it's about the expense report.  The company rjeected $20,000 of miscellaneous expenses and it auto-sent out the report and susepended his card and he has a very expensive dinner next week with Oshi.  Daniel goes to talk to Bradford who tells him he's being going wild with company money and will have to spend his own on the dinner.  Daniel then goes to Betty and tells her secretly that he only has $327 and blew his trust fund... but he can't tell his dad.  Betty goes down to Christina's and she gives Betty the Gucci bag that they saw on the streets and that mark wanted so bad.

Betty comes home with her swag that she gives to the family, a watch to Ignacio, a scarf to Hilda, and a belt to Justin.  She sees her father take his last pill.  Betty wears her new purse the next morning and gets lots of positive attention but Marc notices she got it.  Daniel is in the office on the phone trying to apply for a new credit card and gets rejected due to bad credit.  Oshi then arrives and Wilhelmina is more than willing to greet him with champagne.  Oshi tells him he wants to be taken out to a nice meal.  Wilhelmina offers to come alone and pick up the tab, clearly knowing of Daniel's problems.

Daniel and Betty meet afterwards and Betty won't let Daniel take Wilhelmina... it will look like she has the power.  She'll come up with a budget night for him.  Betty then goes to lunch with Christina, geting more positive attention about her bag, and finds out it's worth $4500!  Betty then takes the bag into the pharmacy, with Walter stalking behind, and trades it for 15 refills of her dad's prescription.  Hilda and Betty talk later that ngiht and Betty is crying.  As Christina says, fashion is good for the soul.  She said she felt beautiful when she had the purse and realized why their mom gave it to Ugly Betty and not Hilda.    Very sad.

The next day Betty shows up without the purse and tells Christina she didn't want to spill anything on it.  Betty figures out that Wilhelmina padded her expense report and spent $25,000 in Rio on a doctor.  At the all white, minimalist fashion show, Daniel tries to get Oshi to do dinner alone... but he wants all 15 members of his entourage.   Betty comes up with an idea, but Daniel goes and invites Wilhelmina anyways.  However, Bradford soon comes in and wants to talk to Wilhelmina... she used the expense account for a Brazilian butt lift!  Bradford then reminds Daniel to take Oshi somewhere unique... and that he's on his own dime.  Where are we going tonight?  New Jersey!

The group of limos arrive at their destination... White Castle... err White Tastle.  Like Oshi's designs, it's minimalist and a white design!  He loves it and gives them exclusives on his next four collections.  Bradford is proud and re-activates his credit card.  Walter, being the good little stalker, gives Betty a knock-off of the purse she sold.  Wilhelmina and the bandaged woman meet... they want to try something a little more direct, more emotional.  We see Wilehlmina take the music box Bradford was looking at.  Betty gives Marc the fake Gucci, which he thinks is still real, in exchange for a fake one and a favor at a later date.


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Ugly Betty Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Wilhelmina: He ran through his trust fund in three years. for his 26th birthday, he tried to buy an island and JLo
Bradford: Shakria

Christina has to empty the closet, she has to make room for the spring collection. You really should take a trip down there Betty, they might have a pair of socks your size