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The episode opens with Betty complaining to Hilda about her expenses and how Amanda is mooching off her and not paying her portion of the rent.  After Betty goes to complain to Christina, Christina told her she warned her about living in Manhattan out of her means and then reminds her how she used to do stuff in city for free.

When Daniel and Wilhelmina announce they want an article for, Betty pitches her idea on how to have fun in the city for free.  Amanda hops in and the article is titled "How I Blew Ten Grand Without Spending a Dime" and both girls are in charge of it.  

Amanda then shows Betty how to mooch including getting free perfume and makeup samples, borrowing a $2000 dress to return later, drinking free booze at art galleries, and even allowing to guys to take them out to dinner.  However, after the dinner date is going well and they order expensive food and champagne, the two men stiff them with the bill.  However, quick thinking Betty puts a fake credit card in the bill and tells the manager they're from Mode and want to feature the restaurant.  The meal is comped.

Outside, Amanda realizes her purse was stolen and tells Amanda their rent money was in her wallet.  Betty yells at Amanda and tells her they're going to get evicted and even calls her "Bad Amanda."  The next day Daniel tells Betty he loved the article and wants to make it a regular feature and offers her an advance that will help cover rent.  Betty then finds Amanda wearing a waitress uniform and is shocked to find out she picked up a second job to help with her half of the rent.  Betty later surprises Aamanda with dinner and a new wallet... to help collect future rent money.

Meanwhile, Wilhelmina goes with Christina to the sonogram in order to avoid a meeting with Connor.  We find out Wilhelmina is having a boy.  Connor's fiancee, Molly, invites Daniel to a charity event when Connor is unable to make it.  When Molly spills Chinese on her dress, Daniel takes her down to the closet to help her find a new dress and the two almost kiss.  We find out Marc stole Wilhelmina security tapes and she watched the whole thing and found a new way to win over Connor.

Ugly Betty
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Ugly Betty Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Betty: I warned you that that place was too expensive didn't I? you just said you had to eat ramen
Christina: Which would have worked if Amanda wasn't eating all my ramen... and she denies it! She just says there's an old crazy man who lives inside my walls and comes out at night to eat my food. She calls him "Bad Ronald."

Betty: I can barely pay my rent, oh, which is due tomorrow. I almost forgot.
Hilda: Is juice moocher pitching in?
Betty: Well I've been dropping hints all week
Hilda: Yeah, have you tried, "Where's my rent, bitch?"
Betty: No