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The episode opens with Betty being annoyed at Amanda (still her roommate) for treating her like an assistant at home.  She gets enough of that at work!  At the office, Alexis' old assistant, Nick Pepper (Max Greenfield), returns to visit Mode to let everyone know he's an editor now thanks to the YETI program.  Nick tells her the program is tough to join.  You need to make magazine and get a sponsor. Betty is fed up being an assistant for life and asks Daniel to be her sponsor to join.

Betty goes to apply to YETI, but they give her the application to the following year.  If she wanted to apply to this year she'd only have 48 hours to complete everything, including a complete magazine.  Betty's in.  Betty decides to do a Fashion magazine and goes down to Christina for help.  While working on the magazine, Marc comes downstairs.  It turns out he's also applying and warns her YETI only takes one applicant per magazine.

Betty comes home and after the family makes fun of her for choosing to do a fashion magazine, Ignacio shows her an old magazine she made for her mother when she was sick.  Betty has an idea for her magazine and the next day she presents it at YETI: it's B Magazine, a magazine that celebrates women for who they are.  Its logo is Betty's signature necklace.  Marc then arrives at the competition with a giant entourage and a fabulous idea: A-list.  A celebrity magazine that takes a satirical approach.  He also brought his sponsors who are good friends with the judges.

Daniel finally comes back from the office and tells Betty he's ready to give her the letter of recommendation.  She tells him it's too late and is ignoring him.  Betty then gets a call... she got into YETI.  An angry Marc tells Betty she only got in over him because they needed to fill a quota and she's latina.  Betty's family then comes in to celebrate in a very Mexican fashion.  She doesn't want to celebrate and tells them what Marc said.  She also called YETI and they kinda confirmed it.

Betty gives her spot in YETI to Marc.  She doesn't want to get in his way and she certainly doesn't want to be giving an unfair advantage.  Then Daniel tells Betty he got her accepted by saying she worked at Player and by giving her a 6 page letter of recommendation.  He apologizes for not doing it sooner and says he's gonna miss her as his assistan and knows one day he'll be her assistant.  Betty and Marc then have a good bonding moment over the phone about YETI until their respective bosses give them assistant duties to do.

The Love Rectangle

Wilhelmina sees Connor and Molly and Molly says that Connor is talking to her Kindergarten classes the next day.  Wilhelmina goes to Marc to tell him she wants Connor and hatches a plan.  When Wilhelmina runs into Connor she says they have to go to Key Largo for the next couple days to land a major advertiser.  Connor asks Daniel to give the speech in front of Molly's class and Daniel quickly agrees and sort of let's it slip he likes Molly.

Wilhelmin and Connor land the major account and want to go out to celebrate.  Wilhelmina suggests they order room service and wine.  Daniel, meanwhile, does awesome at talking to the kindergarten class by turning it into a game of red rover and he really bonds with Molly.   Back in the room, Wilhelmina and Connor discuss their relationships (her lack of one and his with Molly) over some wine.  Daniel gets the thank you notes from the Kindergarten class and calls Molly to thank her for the thank you notes.  Cheesy, we know.  She seems very happy to take his phone call.

Back in Key Largo Wilhelmina is getting Connor extremely drunk by going drink for drink with him but pouring hers out.  Wilhelmina goes in for a kiss and Connor stops her and tells her she needs to stop her plan... he's engaged.  Wilhelmina returns to the trip and tells Marc she's done with Connor.  She's not going to beg.  Also, she very shockingly congratulates Marc on YETI.  Marc didn't even think she knew he applied.

Justin's "Friend"

We find out from the family talking that Justin has been hanging out with Randy a lot recently.  Justin goes to see a play with Randy at school and when Randy runs into his "cool" friends, he's definitely a little embarassed to be watching plays with Justin.  Hilda then gives Justin awesome tickets for In The Heights, a broadway show, to go with Randy to.  Justin goes to tell Randy about the tickets but he acts like a jerk to Justin in front of his friends.  Justin goes home and reluctantly tells Hilda (after much begging) that Randy doesn't want to be his friend anymore and he doesn't want to go to the show.  Hilda tells him to never change who he is and he asks her to go to the show instead.  :)

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Ugly Betty Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Wilhelmina: We'll have to do brunch
Molly: Really?
[back in Wilhelmina's office...]
Wilhelmina: I'd rather gouge my eyes out
Marc: I'll shoot you in the heart before I let you brunch with her

Betty: It's time you and i have a talk about something that really has bothering me
Amanda: Is this about that sixty dollars you left out for anyone to take in your bottom drawer? It's time to let that go