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"Crimes of Fashion" opens with Betty under a light and under investigation.  We go back 6 hours to see Betty in her apartment on the phone with her overprotective father.  Someone stole her umbrella outside her apartment!  She heads in soaking wet to the office and Daniel asks her to lie about his location last night.  On Fashion Buzz, they have a report about Christina and Wilhelmina's baby.  After the show, Wilhelmina and Marc are discussing a plot on how to use this as a publicity stunt for Wilhelmina.  She is going to look like she cares about the baby and visit Christina.

Being interviewed by the cops, Betty tells the detective Daniel asked her to iie.  The cop circles and underlines his name and says he's a very promising lead.  Betty goes to her family's for dinner and when she leaves Hilda tries to talk to her about the coach.  She wants to see if she can borrow her apartment to talk to him.. Betty reluctantly agrees.  Back at Mode, Daniel's shoes match the footprints by the stairs and he's arrested.  After being bailed out, his mother and sister walk him to his car.

In the car, Daniel is joined by Betty and he still won't tell her where he was last night.  At Betty's, Coach and Hilda talk for a bit and coach wants to shower... water broken at the school.  Hilda goes out to buy ice cream and when someone comes to the door, coach thinks it's Hilda and pops out naked to suprise her only to see Ignacio there to install locks!  He then drops his ring and dad sees he's married!  Betty goes to visit Christina and the hospital and finds out her and her husband had a big fight.  On her way out she sees Christina's husband entering and suspecting him of trying to kill her, stops him in the hall.  Stuart tells her he was only taking drugs because he's dying.  Whoops, foot in mouth she let's him visit his wife.

Hilda and her father argue about coach.  Betty heads to the security guard to get the security tapes only to find out someone already took them and Mandy was also asking about them!  Betty confronts Mandy who tells her what happened the night before... Marc was yelling and beating Wilhelmina!  They confront Marc to find out it was only a mannequin he has of Wilhelmina which he beats sometimes.  Marc tells his version of the story where he stole Christina's elevator and as the doors closed he saw Claire attack Christina.  Off to Claire!  All she did was stumble and fall on Christina... Alexis took her home.

Mandy, Marc, and Betty re-enact the crime and Betty realizes where the dust from Daniel's jacket came from!  Wilhelmina goes to visit Christina at the hospital and almost seems human when she hears about Stuart dying.  Betty goes into Daniel's office and sees the security tape in his bag... grabs it.  She goes to her dad and watches the tape to find out it's a sex tape.  When she confronts Daniel she finds out he doesn't want anyone to know because he was boinking Holly, the state liason helping fight for his custody of Daniel Jr.  He then tells her to give his coat to Alexis... it looks better on her anyway.  OMG Alexis did it! 

Betty confronts Alexis who fesses to doing it!  She didn't frame Daniel, she wore his shoes when the heel broke and after her mom passed out she went to Christina and all she could see was Wilhelmina.  She pushed her down the stairs and when she realized what she did went to make sure she was alive and called 911.  Betty tells Alexis she needs to tell Daniel.  Back at the hospital, Wilhelmina is reading a book about pregnancy and when she sees photographers are back she closes the blinds... and SMILES at Chrstina.  She is human!

The epiosde ends with a sequence of... Hilda and her dad hugging; Alexis talking to her mom and Daniel; Daniel hugging DJ; and the cops taking Alexis away....  On her way out, Alexis tells her mom she is Daniel Jr's father!  Fin.

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Ugly Betty Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

I thought I'd go for a dry cleaning run since you're off the track suits... yay!


Mandy: You look different
Betty: I'm wet
Mandy: Big improvement