Filing for the Enemy starts off with with Daniel and Betty at a Player photo shoot.  Betty sees some notes that Daniel has made about the latest issue of Mode.  He still wants his old job back!  Betty brings the notes to Alexis and Wilhelmina.

We cut over to coach and Hilda.  He's still trying to convince her she's not the other woman, she's the only woman.  They're going to have a real date when his wife goes out of town.

Wilhelmina, detecting that their might be a mutiny, invites Betty to lunch and offers her a job at Mode as her assistant. Betty doesn't tell Daniel.  Wilhelmina runs into Daniel in the elevator and is the first to tell him about Betty's new offer.  Daniel then confronts Betty at the office.  Angered, Betty accepts the job!

Meanwhile, Daniel is now facing a custody battle.  Apparently Daniel Jr's grandparents want custody and him back in France.

Now, back at Mode, Penelope is coming in to discuss her monthly makeup ads with Mode.  Betty, as Wilhelmina's new assistant, comes in to bring coffee.  When she tells Penelope she can't afford the makeup, Penelope tells her she has a budget line coming out?  Why not advertise that in Mode?  Betty saves the account!!  Wilhelmina calls her into the office and she's given a list of impossible tasks to do for Wilhelmina, including getting the tiara worn by Catherine the Great.

Betty heads to the Russian Museum of Antiquities.  Some how gets the tiara and brings it back to Wilhelmina and is now given the honors of injecting her botox and setting up the launch party from Marc.  Coach comes into the office to pick up the magazine for his charity, Mandy, busy drooling over him, steals his phone.  There's pictures of coach's wife on it!  Betty takes it home to Hilda and confronts her about dating a married man.  She's staying with him.  Hussie.

Betty is coming in to set up the launch party with Marc and Mandy.  They tell her she was willing to backstab a friend, she's becoming more and more like Wilhelmina.  *Dream Sequence*  Betty is Wilhelmina and does a scary good job of it.  She wakes up before kicking a puppy and realizes she needs to talk to Daniel.

Back at the house Hilda is dressing up for her date with the coach.  Meanwhile, back at Player, Betty confronts Daniel and basically tells him he needs to man up and fight for his job back.

Quickly, on to the Christina subplut.  She had her husband's hair tested for drugs.  Came back positive and she confronts him.  On the subject of confrontations, Daniel finally asks DJ what he wants.  Aww, he wants to stay with Papa.

Now onto the Mode party!  Betty starts off by giving Wilhelmina, who's not even wearing the crown, her two weeks notice.  We cut over to Hilda who's being stood up by coach who's using code words as he's in front of his wife.  What a jerk.  Back to the party, Claire, Alexis, and Daniel Meade walk in together and stand up to Wilhelmina.  The sales numbers are in and they're the lowest yet, she's out and Daniels in!

Betty goes to make good with Marc.  Turns out he set the whole thing up.  He wanted Wilhelmina all to himself.  Cute.

Wilhelmina is still going to be creative director.  Claire shows her authority by pushing over the ice statute of Wilhelmina and tells her never to mess with her children.  Daniel hires back Betty and she wants to keep her raise.  I say let her.

The episode ends with pregnant Catherine being pushed down the steps... but by who?


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Ugly Betty Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

You know exactly what [Whilemnia] is up to. Firing, scheming, looking for a puppy to kick.


Betty: Does every spread have to be women in skimpy bras?
Daniel: You're right, I haven't thought of that. Let's lose those bras please.