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It's performance review time at Mode and both Marc and Betty get the same news... they can't be promoted because there's a hiring freeze.  Their only hope of becoming editors is to win the final competition at YETI where they have to design a magazine about both music and physical science.  The winning team will get an interview and of course Marc, Betty and Matt are partnered together.

The group decides to get Adele as their music act to perform at the planetarium that Matt's connection will land them.  However, when Matt slacks, they end up not getting the planetarium.  It turns out Matt wants to persue art and abandon publishing.   Matt's mother gets Betty the planetarium but with strings attached.  She tells Betty that Matt gives up just before he finishes anything and she'll give her the planetarium to use in exchange for getting Matt to finish YETI.

Betty convinces Matt to finish it, but Matt soon realizes that his mom put Betty up to it when he sees her thanking Betty.  Matt then leaves and eventually their project falls apart when Adele's manager sees them fighting and wants out. 

Back at Mode, Daniel proposed to Molly who gladly accepts.  However, when Molly can't handle all the process involved with planning a wedding with her sickness, Betty offers up the planetarium and all the catering, etc for them to use for their wedding.  After all, the YETI project is a failure. 

Adele returns and the wedding goes great and Betty ends up using the photos from that for the magazine.  They get the interviews.

Meanwhile, at Mode, it's the wedding issue and Cal Hartley doesn't like the all black design he sees and forces Wilhelmina and Claire to work together.  When tensions are too high for them to work together, Claire bows out in front of Cal.  He ends up being so impressed he makes Claire the Mode Senior Vice President and Wilhelmina has to directly report to her.

Also in engagement news, when Ignacio finds out that Elena applied for a job in California, he propsoes to her to keep her in New York.  However, in the end instead of giving her a ring he gives her a plane ticket.  If he cares about her he'll want her to do what's right for her.  They decide to persue things long distance.

The episode ends up with Daniel and Molly packing for their honeymoon when Molly passes out on the floor.

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Ugly Betty Season 3 Episode 22 Quotes

What are we gonna do? We can't just paint stars in your apartment and call it the planetarium. I mean this is Adele, not Amy Winehouse


Hey Jodie. This is Marc St James. I was wondering if you wanted to grab a beer and watch straight porn?

Marc [attempting to seduce his female teacher over the phone]