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The episode opens with Betty coming home and falling on the ground only to be informed by Justin it's okay, they have a nurse now.  We meet Elena, Ignacio's new nurse.  Ignacio claims it's the easiest job she'll ever have that he doesn't need help.  However, when Elena tries to correct his unhealthy lifestyle (both cooking and sitting in his char all day), Ignacio turns out to be a big pain.  However, after Elena finally tells him off and puts it all in perspective (what his family is doing and how they can't lose him), he thanks her and begins cooking healthy and going for walks.

Betty and Amanda are interviewing new potential subletters to take over her place in the apartment when Betty overhears Jesse playing down the hall.  She goes to tell him she's leaving and he asks her to have a goodbye drink.  The two have a few drinks and he ends up kissing her.  We find out from her talk with Amanda that nothing more happened.  Amanda and Marc attempt to re-enact the kiss at work and seem to enjoy it a little too much with each other.  That night, Betty then goes over to Jesse's only to have him ignore her when she knocks.  When she calls she hears him send her to voicemail from inside the apartment, knowing he ignores her.

Betty goes to see Jesse at his gig in order to tell him off and get her closure, but he ends up apologizing and asking her out on the date.  Betty agrees to go on the date, but while at dinner, all Jesse can do is talk about himself and interrupt her when she goes to talk.  She thanks him for the dinner and drinks and leaves.  Go Betty!!  Betty gets home, packs up her stuff to leave and tells Amanda she found a subletter... Marc!

Daniel and Conner
We first see Daniel walking with Molly where he earns the nick name Rich Jerk (RJ) for throwing away his chain.  He tells Molly that Conner is dating Wilhelmina and he plans on telling Conner about him and Molly.  We then cut over to Conner who's looking at the page six picture, still obsessing over who was vacationing with Molly.  Conner cancels dinner plans with Wilhelmina and tells her they'll do it tomorrow night.  The next day, Conner cancels again on Wilhelmina, this time to go to the gym with Daniel.  Daniel has Betty order some flowers to send to Molly.

At the gym, Daniel and Conner are boxing and Conner tells him he knows Molly vacationed right away and is pissed.  Wants to figure out who it is.  Daniel suggest they go grab a drink and they end up spying outside Molly's apartment to find out who the guy is.  Meanwhile, Wilhemina and Marc show up there to spy on them spying on Molly.  Betty shows up to deliver the flowers and Daniel distracted Conner by sending him to get coffee.  He grabs the flowers from Betty and when Conner returns, he sees the card that says from RJ.

The next day, Wilhelmina tells Conner she knows he's still obsessed with Molly and doesn't want to play second fiddle.  Conner then returns to the gym with Daniel and beats the crap out of him this time in the boxing ring.  Apparently he knew that RJ was short for Rich Jerk, which he saw on Daniel's desk.  He's pissed that Daniel lied to him.  The next day Conner and Wilhelmina make up and Conner seems okay with Daniel, at least professionally.

Ugly Betty
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Ugly Betty Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Amanda: She's so pretty, but not pretty enough for me to be threatened by
Applicant: I don't think I'm interested anymore

Molly: Did you just toss your change in the garbage?
Daniel: No
Molly: Liar? You totally did.
Daniel: What it was seven cents? I hate pennies
Molly: What do you hate nickels too? Rich jerk.