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Betty vs Kimmie
The episode starts with Betty walking into work on the cellphone with Hilda.  At work she's forced to still compete with Kimmie Keegan (Lindsay Lohan) as Daniel sends Betty to get breakfast for both Kimmie and himself!  Later at her apartment, Betty complains to her neighbor, Jesse (Val Emmich), about Kimmie and he writes a song ont he spot for her.  The next day when Betty finds out at the staff meeting Kimmie is doing a feature for "Sizzling Hot," she asks if she can do one for Daniel. He asks what and when she sees a fruit stand outside suggests hot fruit.

At home, Betty and the Suarez family are trying to find a "hot fruit" and when she discoveres Adrianna Lima's favorite fruit is the tiko berry, she has her fruit.  We find out Adrianna agrees to do the cover because of the piece on her favorite fruit and Betty is being interviewed by Fashion TV when Kimmie sabotages it by turning up the heat.  After Kimmie steps in to help with the interview, Wilhelmina and Daniel asks Kimmie to help with the piece.  Ugh.

At the office, Kimmie has managed to piss off Marc and Amanda by making new friends at Mode and ignoring them and by replacing Marc's boyfriend, Cliff, with a new photographer for the shoot.  Although Betty didn't want to sabotage Kimmie, she decides to after she finds out Kimmie intercepted Adrianna at the airport and claimed the idea as her.   At the shoot, Amanda, Marc and Betty team up to trick Kimmie into getting fired by Wilhelmina.  On her way out, Kimmie throws all the tiko berries into the pond.  Betty still manages to save the day when she gets the tiko berries from Adrianna's hotel room and the shoot goes on.

Ignacio's First Vote and Hilda's Cash Cow
Ignacio prepares to vote for the first time while Hilda takes advantage of election take to spark sales at Hilda's Beautiltiies.  When a local councilman, Archie Rodriguez (Ralph Macchio), comes in for a hair cut, he asks Hilda if she has a business license as a friendly warning.  He advises she temporarily shuts down and gesone. She freaks out and stops cutting his hair and sends him out.  He gives her a business card and tells her next time she should have voted for someone else.

The New CFO
Claire tells Daniel and Wilhelmina that numbers are not their thing so they need to bring on a CFO.  When Wilhelmina meets Connor Owen (Grant Bowler), a self proclaimed fan of her work, she wants to hire him as the new CFO, only he says Daniel Meade would never hire him.  However, after Daniel backs down and agrees to hire Connor, we find out at the end it was all a trick to get Wilhelmina to hire Connor.  Nice!

Ugly Betty
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Ugly Betty Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Amanda: Did she just give us the "busy, busy, lets talk later" blow off? We invented blow off!
Marc: Yes we did, to remind the little people around here that we are king and queen of this particular prom

Kimmie: What's your card say?
Betty: I don't have a card
Kimmie: Oh right, that's because your an assistant