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Betty gets an award of a Blobby – and asks Daniel to be her presenter. He happily agrees to do so.
When the interviewer comes to ask Betty questions, Daniel ends up poking fun at the assistant she was.

Wilhelmina gets stopped on the street for being her impersonator. She is clueless, but later finds out about the night show of drag queens. She goes to check it out and finds Marc there. Obviously upset by this whole charade, she gets her lawyers involved to cancel this show permanently.

The next day, Daniel and Betty are about to interview the famous couple Diego and Victoria after the shoot. To get even with Daniel, Betty makes him look like an idiot. Daniel is humiliated because of Betty’s actions.  They get into a huge fight and Betty storms out.

That night, Betty goes on her blog to vent about Daniel. The next morning Daniel gets a bunch of messages on his computer because people figured out that Betty was talking about him.  Daniel is obviously upset with Betty. She tells him that if he feels this way to forget presenting the award for her. He agree because it is the last place he would want to be anyway.

Because of all the extra press, Betty’s blog has blown up. The Blobby award woman tells Betty that they need a celebrity any celebrity.

Amanda becomes Daniel’s new assistant. He tells her that it is up to her to find a receptionist. Amanda hires her friend Helen who does a terrible job. So much so, Wilhelmina notices and tells Amanda that it is up to her to fire Helen or else her own job is on the line. Amanda feels bad so she decides to give Helen another job – a job she made up – overseer of the closet.  Amanda gives her a first assignment to read a magazine.

Once Marc finds out, he makes Amanda tell Helen the truth that she does not have a secret job and the Daniel dollars will not be accepted in the grocery store.

Later that night, when Amanda comes home to Marc, she tells him that they have a new roommate – Helen. Marc is shocked and furious.

Wilhelmina ends up using her tranny, Welheldiva Hater, to help her with her work – so much so she even tells Betty that she will happily present Betty with her Blobby award.

The night of the Blobby awards, Amanda confronts Daniel about him not attending the awards. She points out to him that maybe he is threatened by Betty’s success.   He realizes that Amanda is right and rushes out to the Blobby award.

When Daniel gets there, the audience starts to throw burritos at him even though he ends up saying a very nice presentation speech about Betty.  Betty gets on stage and gives a great speech about having a blog, but somehow ends up diss-ing her audience. She gets booed off the stage by them throwing burritos at her.

Wilhelmina goes to the tranny show and everyone mistakes her for Wilheldiva Hater. She gives up trying to leave and goes on stage and performs. After performing a funny version of Man Eater – she gets a standing ovation.

The next morning Wilheldiva comes in to her office to thank Wilhelmina. Apparently, she gave the performance of a lifetime. When she got off stage, she demanded a raise and an extra night. Wilhelmina also told Wilheldiva that she would never be caught dead in knockoffs – she also gave her tranny a wardrobe makeover.

Ugly Betty
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Ugly Betty Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

I'm sharing an office with a chunky cheering charro.


Hello Gorgeous!


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