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Its fashion week, Wilhelmina does not think Betty has what it takes to cover a designer’s show so she gives her a book report on the history of sewing machines to write about instead.

Daniel tells Betty that every editor gets to cover a fashion show and that this must just be one big misunderstanding. Wilhelmina tells Daniel that it isn’t. Betty is pretty incompetent when it comes to fashion, but Daniel convinces Wilhelmina to give Betty a non-important show to cover.

Later that night, Betty receives a voice message from Daniel that tells her she got the job - expect he forgot to hang up the phone and Betty heard his entire conversation with Wilhelmina. Its clear Daniel agrees with Wilhelmina on Betty’s choice in style.

Helen and Amanda are at home and Amanda is about to leave, but realizes she has nothing to wear. Helen decides to sew something together for her and it turned out fabulous! Amanda gets the idea that if they put there talents together they could have a fashion show before fashion week is over.

Wilhelmina tricks Daniel into not only having male models, but using himself as one during fashion week.
As Daniel is getting fitted for their show, a young good-looking man comes over and asks if they know where he could find Claire Meade. Wilhelmina puts him into the fashion show.

Betty goes backstage of the fashion show to find the one designer that really intrigued her - Marissa. She tells Marissa that she wants to put her as one of the top ten designers to watch show that Mode is putting on. 

Betty tells Marc about Marissa and he agrees to help get them into a interview with Wilhelmina.  While they are going over what will happen in the meeting, Amanda comes in to ask them to show her work to Wilhelmina as well. Before Betty can say no, Amanda happily runs out with a yes.

At the meeting with Wilhelmina, Marc ends up taking full credit for finding Marissa. Betty is furious at Marc, so she tells him to handle the show by himself.

While Daniel is getting measured, his brother comes in to be measured too. It looks like Daniel might be too big for the clothes, but his brother is just perfect.

Meanwhile, at the Suarez house, Ignacio brings home a huge chandelier for the dining room. Hilda tells Bobby she just wishes her salon would be struck by lightening because then she could rake in on the insurance and start fresh.

Back at the Suarez house, Betty is still bummed that Marc took all the credit. Marissa calls begging for Betty’s help. When Marissa comes over, Betty helps her get the pieces together and they leave it in the salon.  When they walk back into the house, Amanda is waiting to apologize to Betty.

The salon in the back of the Suarez house mysteriously catches on fire including Marissa’s dresses. Betty and Marissa feel like it is over, but Amanda convinces them that the dresses look fierce the way they are.

When they get back to the show Marc is frantic and doesn’t believe it will work. He tells Wilhelmina that all of this – including finding Marissa – was Betty’s idea. Wilhelmina looks it all over and agrees with Amanda – the outfits are great.

Marissa gets a standing ovation for her line and Betty realizes what Amanda is great at – being a stylist. Marc apologizes to Betty and Betty accepts.

Later that night, Wilhelmina tells Betty that she needs to have the courage to take credit for her own actions. She sees a little bit of herself in Betty and even tells her that her shoes are nice.

Back at the Suarez home, everyone is cleaning up and you see Justin throw away a lighter and a pack of cigarettes. Bobby tells Hilda at least she got her wish to get the insurance and this made Hilda think Bobby was the one who set the fire.

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Ugly Betty Season 4 Episode 14 Quotes

Helen you totally just made me a dress!


How much longer must I be a prisoner in my own home?