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Hilda asks Betty what she has plans for her bachelorette party and Betty tells her that she has plans to tour the Met. Hilda and Bobby break out in laughs because they didn’t believe that the bachelorette party could be so lame.

Justin tells Hilda and Bobby that he wants to walk to school with his friend Austin. They don’t get why he is acting weird. Bobby thinks he did something wrong, so Hilda tells them to go do something together.

Wilhelmina tells Marc that she will use Tyler as a pawn to overthrow the Mede Empire.

Marc is jealous that Amanda gets to go to London with Daniel for fashion week. Betty convinces Daniel that he should stay in town and get to know his brother.

Betty thinks of the best bachelorette event – going to London!

Betty, Hilda, and Amanda get to London and at a party; Betty gets a dream job offer. She happily accepts to interview.

The next morning, Betty has to attend the fashion show, while the girls go out and do some sightseeing.

That night, the girls are out celebrating at the bar when Hilda dares Betty to flash a random guy – who happens to be Geo.

Geo and Hilda convince Betty to go have an adventure with him – checking out the London Eye. Betty thinks it is a romantic trip while Geo tells her that he is engaged. He also tells her that she is not becoming the person he thought she wanted to be.

Betty leaves furious and heads back to the bar where she gets hammered with the rest of the girls.

The next morning, Betty is totally hung over and has to go to her interview. She hits it out of the park when she realizes that this isn’t her dream. She declines the offer and leaves.

Tyler attends an AA meeting and Wilhelmina shows up. She pretends to be an alcoholic to get Tyler on her side and becomes his sponsor.

Wilhelmina works her devilish magic on Tyler and tells him that he thinks the Medes will try to pay him off. She planted a seed in Daniel to do just that.

Daniel takes Tyler out and Tyler finds out that Claire lied to him about who his father is. This causes Tyler to fall off the wagon and take a drink.

As Daniel and Tyler are about to enter another club, Daniel offers Tyler the big check which infuriates Tyler and they get into a huge brawl.

Tyler gets bailed out of jail by Wilhelmina.

Justin and Austin make plans to go on a real first date when Bobby and Ignacio enter and plan a boy’s night out on the town – making Justin cancel his plans.

The night isn’t going the way Bobby planned and Justin leaves to take a call. Bobby feels as though Justin isn’t happy about him becoming his step father.

The next day, Bobby offers to take Justin to see Beyonce and Justin declines. Bobby doesn’t understand why until he catches Justin kissing Austin.

Marc doesn’t realize that his boyfriend already started seeing someone else. When Amanda gets home Marc is a wreck and she tells him that she wants to quit Mode to pursue her career as a stylist.

Betty tells Daniel that all of her crazy boyfriend’s are behind her when Henry gets a drunk dial call from Betty inviting him as her date to Hilda’s wedding!

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Ugly Betty Season 4 Episode 18 Quotes

I was conceived in a rehab facility - I guess I was destined to be an alcoholic.


Booze booze and a bus to Atlantic City!