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Barbie and Julia tell Junior about Sam's death and that he killed Angie. Junior doesn't believe them and leaves. They find Melanie with the egg and warn her to keep it safe. The kids mention the obelisk from Zenith.

Barbie gets climbing gear to go into the abyss to find Sam's body with the scratches on it. He thinks that's the only way Junior and the town will believe Sam killed Angie.

When going down the abyss, something grabs Barbie. The rope gets loose and he cuts his line to protect Julia and Rebecca. He wakes up in a Zenith park. He goes home and get ambushed by some business associates.

Barbie sets up the guy by taking him to his own father's house to rob. Barbie hasn't seen his father in two and a half years. They grieve his mother's death together. Barbie asks his father to help him get back to the Dome. At first his father refuses, but when he finds out it's about love he agrees.

Sam is also in Zenith and finds his sister. She thought if she left Chester's Mill the Dome would follow her and protect her family. Lyle made it to Zenith as well, but without his mind. He continues to say "Melanie" over and over again.

Joe uses a robotic drone with a camera to examine the Dome. The images show Zenith and the obelisk. Julia says Barbie may be alive. Later they take the egg to the tunnel and see Zenith on the other side of the abyss.

Pauline drew a picture of a red door and Barbie and his father walk by one on his property.

Under the Dome
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