Run, Steven!
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Let's take a look at what went down this week...

- Opening scene featured two brothers, John and Bruce Seidel and a man named Kruger who were supposed to be hired professional security for some engineering lab bigwigs, but ended up killing everyone in the lab and kidnapping Dr. Nazir, an engineer of mini-microprocessors and explosive devices.

- Steven and Samantha are sent to Turks and Caicos to track down Kruger

- Samantha used her proficient sexpionage skills to lure Kruger back to his room where Steven was waiting, after having put a tracker in Kruger's watch, although Kruger kissed Samantha before he had a chance to intervene.

- Kruger claimed that John Seidel was the mastermind and he was just a pawn and he was being paid to deliver some papers to an unknown contact.

- Samantha tracked down the Seidels using Krugers laptop, and she and Hoyt went to Caracas to find him, while Steven stayed behind for Krugers meet.

- Sam and Hoyt found and subdued John Seidel who explained that Kruger was the actual mastermind and had killed his brother.

- Kruger managed to ditch Steven.

- Shaw was unhappy with the results, and especially when he found out Steven failed to activate the tracker.

- Shaw brought in Leo to help the Blooms, because he has more experience with current technology.  Steven wasn't happy about it, but accepted it.

- Shaw was able to activate Kruger's tracker, they traced him to Stockholm  where they found Dr. Nazir shot and left for dead.  She was alive and told them that Kruger headed to a large summit taking place a short distance away and that the bomb was in a cell phone.

- Steven and Leo looked for Kruger while Samantha hunted for the cell phone.

- Steven chased Kruger down and pulverized him, and Samantha successfully disarmed the bomb.

- Shaw decided to keep Leo part of Team Bloom.

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Undercovers Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Kruger: I'm gonna buy you a drink.
Samantha: Do I have to stop at one?

I can't stand that simultaneous yammering that you do.