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Quinn struggled in the aftermath of Rachel's departure. She argued with Coleman and made it clear to him that his time with the show was over. 

He went into his office and caught Yael going through his stuff. She found the video on his computer and revealed who she was and that she was a reporter. 

He was initially taken aback, but he decided it was time to join up with her to expose the truth about the show. 

He went to check on Rachel and realized that her mother was keeping her there. Rachel left with him and went back to his room, but she revealed that she and Quinn killed Mary. 

He caught it all on camera. Rachel then went and revealed that her mother resents her because a patient raped her when she was 12. 

Darius went to meet up with Ruby, who did not want to see him. She parted ways with him for good when Jay showed up. 

Jay made it clear he had his back no matter what and Darius returned, but he was different. He had his operation and made it clear he was shaking things up. 

Tiffany was evicted, but he changed all of that and took Jamieson out. 

Quinn came clean to John about how she feels and he was ecstatic. 

Chet and Tiffany shared a tender moment. 

Coleman and Yael met back up to compare notes. 

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UnREAL Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

All of you put something on that will make men want to have sex with you, especially you.


Chantal: Are you serious.
Quinn: As cancer.