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 Rachel wakes up in Alexi’s room. Apologizes to Dr. Simon for trying to bone him. He suggests she uses sex to avoid intimacy.

Quinn and Chet team up to ruin Gary. Crystal preps for The Chet Wilton School of Reality TV Studies fundraiser.

Chet and Quinn hook up.

Final 3 sweat it out in a tent with Serena. 

Quinn wants final 2 to be Owen vs. Jasper. But August is Serena's favorite. 

Fiona back on set, asks Quinn for a job. Quinn says no, it's bad timing.

THE BIG NIGHT: Suitors compete for donations to win a spot in Serena’s final 2.

Robin reappears as Gary’s guest. She knows Fiona from the "Lesbian mafia."

Gary tells Quinn she no longer has the incriminating emails to hold over his head.

Quinn’s computer is frozen! Quinn pleads with Rachel to help her OVER Serena. 

Rachel gets August to trash Owen for fighting in the war. Jeremy butts in as Rachel expects, defends Owen against August’s attack. 

The night changes course to honor the Vets instead of Gary ending Quinn. 

August gets cut!

Quinn’s Mission accomplished, at Serena’s expense.  

Jay slams Rachel for manipulating the event. Tells her about his affair with Alexi.

Rachel starts hooking up with director Dan. 

Gary promises Quinn’s takedown will come.

Rachel tells Dr. Simon she sacrifices everything for Quinn. He encourages Rachel to cut ties.

Chet tells Quinn he’s breaking up with Crystal. Quinn says no, it’s her plan to live in that big house alone.

Quinn fires Madison for wiping out her computer. She didn’t do it!

FIONA did it in exchange for Quinn's job.

Jeremy’s waits at Rachel’s truck. Confronts her for producing him AGAIN. She made him a murderer.

Rachel's so sorry, holds Jeremy. 

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UnREAL Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Quinn: She’s a contestant, Rachel, come on. This my life, my career. This is all I have. Come on, please.
Rachel: I got you.

Serena: August might be exactly what I need.
Rachel: Quinn really wants it to be Owen.
Serena: Quinn doesn’t care about my life, but I know you do.
Rachel: Screw it. August it is.
Serena: You’re just gonna break ranks? What will you tell Quinn?
Rachel: You’re my girl!