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Rachel’s mom calls to say dad’s home, back on his meds. Rachel wants to talk to her mom face to face. Asks Madison to cover  Serena's date with August.

Quinn wakes up beside a hot hunk at Fiona’s. Fiona convinces her to play hooky.

Chet considers helping Gary,  sends Madison home from set to get on Quinn’s computer.

On Everlasting, Serena's happy with her final four. She and the guys go through a slideshow of her past.

The ex who broke her heart, George, appears on screen. Sore subject.

To get Quinn back on set, Chet instructs Madison to produce big drama!

Rachel goes to her parent’s house, wants an apology from her mom for hiding Rachel’s rape to protect her own reputation. No chance!

They have it out. Rachel says she’s never coming back there.

Quinn takes Chet to the house he designed for Quinn years ago. She redid it to be a place of her own. 

Jasper swears his exes don’t matter. What he has with Serena is the closest he’s come to real love.

Thanks to Madison, George returns. ... Makes Serena look pathetic. Serena thinks Rachel hung her out to dry.

Quinn saves the day, gives Serena a pep talk. They’re gonna change the conversation.

Jasper calls Serena a mess. Rachel exposes Jasper’s sordid past and makes him cry on camera.

Jay sets up a romantic date for Alexi who coldly rejects him.

August understands about George and still likes Serena.

Chet tells Quinn Gary's out for her blood. They’re gonna take him down together.

Serena thanks August for his kindness while he’s naked by the hot tub. They do it!

Rachel KISSES Dr. Simon. He rejects her.

Rachel nails Alexi in his bed… while Jay watches in the control room.

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