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Jay and Quinn prepare for their pitch meeting for “Passport To Dance.” Madison discovers August’s man bun has been snipped! 

Chet brings a reporter on set to cover Everlasting as part of the zeitgeist. Quinn patches things up with Rachel who then talks Serena out of August and into Alexi, to get footage for Passport To Dance.  

Quinn and Madison launch/manipulate THE MAN BUN INQUISITION. Quinn advises, "Be your own woman, not somebody else’s bitch."

Alexi takes Serena on their date to the ballet hall. Sees his old friend, Serge, asks for time alone with him. Alexi emerges from backstage a new man, finally excited to be there.

Madison kisses the reporter's ass. Quinn outs her for uUNzipping her way up the ladder. Madison bad-mouths Quinn and gets reporter access to Serena. 

Reporter warns Serena: “The producers are monsters. TRUST NO ONE!" Quinn kicks her off set. Doesn't fire Madison. "Stop trying to cut to the front of the line with Gary." 

Rachel tells Serena August slept with Quinn! Quinn covers her ass, "I slept with August and you slept with the jockey!”

Jay finds Alexi doing coke he got from his old pal, Serge. They make a deal. Jay gets him more blow, Alexi hosts Passport To Dance.  

Serena finally eliminates Billy.

Jeremy makes out with Charlie on their first date.

Serena eats up every smarmy line Jasper feeds her.

Madison at Gary’s.  He canceled their night out in public and hasn’t watched her pilot. She gets on his computer!

Rachel visits the man who raped her when she was 12. Finds out her father knew about the rape.

She returns to set. Crawls into Quinn's lap. 

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UnREAL Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Just produce the show. Don't kill anybody, and you'll be fine.


Rachel is on a collision course I'm trying to stop because sooner or later, she's going to blow.

Dr. Simon