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Quinn bangs August, swears it's the last time. Rachel sees her UTI comfort kit, asks “Who’s the lucky guy?” Quinn skirts the issue. 

 Quinn punishes Rachel. Takes her off Serena. Gives her to Madison.

In Everlasting's (VERY low budget) Game of Thrones challenge, the men fight to rescue Serena, the captive princess.

Chet tells Jeremy to move on from Rachel. Rachel and Chet go rogue, shoot interview footage with the men. Jeremy gets in the way of Rachel doing her job.

Serena, over the princess scene, walks off set. Madison demoted back to "The B Team."

August greets Quinn in front of the crew. She viciously attacks him.

Jasper reveals his 400k bet he’d be the first to bed Serena.

Rachel convinces Serena to give August a chance. During their 1-on-1, he talks directly to camera, obviously to Quinn.

Rachel realizes he’s her UTI!  Serena’s excited about August. Rachel lies, "No reason not to be."

Rachel accuses Quinn of self-sabotage. Quinn retaliates. "I wanted my dragon back, not this mess."

Rachel lies to every guy about how she's handling Jasper's bet. Confides in Dr. Simon. Lying is like breathing, she can’t stop.

Breaks the Oath -- now admitting she’s to blame for the accident.  

At Elimination, Serena, clueless about the bet, keeps Jasper.

Jay tells Alexi about Passport To Dance. He’s into it. KISSES JAY Jay pitches the show to Quinn, lying that Alexi’s on board. 

Quinn ends it with August. Sits on the toilet crying.

Dr. Simon insists Rachel figure out WHERE HER DARKNESS COMES FROM.

"t’s not Quin. She’s the only real person in my life.”

 “Then what or WHO?”

Rachel in her truck, looks at pictures of a man we don’t know. We can only assume he is from where the darkness comes.

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UnREAL Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

You gotta get the taste of Crazy out of your mouth!


Rachel: Vag still burning?
Quinn: Only when I breathe.