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Quinn hunts down Rachel (RG) on a lie-free farm, brings her back to Everlasting. 

At Network, Chet pitches a female suitor, but Quinn (QK) has to close the deal. Gary insists Madison return to the show because he's sleeping with her.

On set RG is in extreme honesty mode. Jay's back. Madison's grown up. Jeremy's there too, given last season's car "accident" (which was no accident).

Chet spearheads a blood oath between the foursome to keep the truth dead and buried.  

Suitress Serena's difficult from the get-go, refusing wardrobe.

Control Room: meet Dr. Simon, new shrink replacing Wag (a casualty of season 2) and Chet's GF, Crystal. 

Time to get the sausage party started! Man truck unloads... Owen the fireman, Jasper the Wall Street tycoon, Alexi the ballet dancer, August the surfer.

Norman, the super-short jockey pisses off Serena on first sight. The shrimp is not a suitable husband.

Serena's gonna cut him, forcing RG and QK to get a different guy. 

QK pissed at Rachel for picking Serena because RG thinks QK is just like her. 

Madison assures Quinn sleeping with Gary was a one time thing.

Fireman Owen takes Serena off campus. They share the first kiss of the season off camera. 

Rachel convinces Serena not to cut the shrimp, to kiss him instead. Prompts Serena to start drinking and make out with Norm!

Dance party is FUN, Serena keeps drinking.Later, Rachel finds Serena banging Norm!

At Elimination, Serena cuts Norm!

Day 1's a wrap. August sets up a hammock, bonds with RG. Jeremy interrupts, tells Rach he still loves her. 

RG discovers Dr. Simon is there for her.

 Off set, Madison is mounting...Gary. Surprise! They are still  sleeping together and Gary wants dirt on Quinn!

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UnREAL Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Quinn: I need Everlasting to get back up and running so I can rebuild my empire. 
(Rachel won't look at her.) 
Quinn: Fine, you  want me to say it? 
I need you. I miss you.

Jay: Oh my god is that Madison?
Rachel: What happened to the pigtails?
Jay: Did you hear she sold a pilot?
Rachel/Jay: Slut!