Romance with Nora and Nathan - Upload Season 3 Episode 1
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Nathan and Nora continue to get intimate with each other and spend time together.

However, Nora freaks out when his ear starts bleeding and his head explodes. She wakes up and is having a nightmare.

Nathan tries to adjust to living back on the outside. He has to deal with Matteo who is treating him horribly because he's mad about Nora dumping him.

Luke has to deal with covering for Nathan's absence while others are looking for him at Lakeside.

Aleesha is still upset with Nora when Nora reaches out to ask for help. Aleesha rejects her request.

The detective gives them more information when he comes across Nora and Nathan, about who killed Nathan and other things.

Tinsely works to get a new dowload of Nathan into the system to cover her tracks with Nathan gone.

Luke is auditioning for new friends to fill the Nathan void.

Nora is struggling with noticing how women are very attracted to Nathan everywhere they go.

Nora and Nathan sneak into Choak company and the Freeyond customer service area.

Meanwhile, a new download of Nathan is wandering around and he's off.

Nathan gets into the program but realizes once he's in Freeyond that he can only access things further through the servers in New Jersey.

Ingrid gives a speech about finally moving on from Nathan, but then she gets a call from him asking for her and wondering where she is, and she goes back to the store to rent a suit to be in Lakeview with him again, unaware that the new Nathan is different.

Nathan and Nora notice that there is a roomful of billionaires in the room together including Nora's bosses. Ingrid's father wants to rush the Freeyong process immediately.

Nathan and Nora have to separate.

Nathan goes to Jersey and sees that Freeyond is about to upload a bunch of people and don't have enough data space for it.

Matteo and Nora see that at Freeyond, men are dragging out bodies without heads and dumping them as people are filing in to upload.

Nathan realizes that they're literally killing people just to get rid of ten million voters.

Nathan's mother is about to get uploaded into Freeyond when she sees the message that Nathan tried to implement. And she runs.

Matteo is still trying to get Nora to be his girlfriend after Nathan dies.

Nora and Matteo stop the men from uploading people into Freeyond. Sato, the detective shows up and has Nora and Matteo at gunpoint. He Shoots Matteo in the chest and is working with the billionaires and Choak.

Nathan is trying to get to Nora in time, but he's bleeding.

Nora uses the machine to blow a hole through Sato, and Matteo dies.

Nathan shows up at helps Nora get the downloads of the people they already killed away so they can do something with them and upload them somewhere else.




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Upload Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Matteo: So you won't be around for long. We just need your retinas for a couple of days, and then you can pop off to where you came from. Well, you are legally dead, so you can't get work. In fact, yeah, how would you even support yourself? Oh, you could just mooch off Nora like you did with Ingrid; isn't that kind of your thing?
Nathan: Right. Well, I guess if the hottest woman I've ever been with rejected me for a dead guy, I'd be a little salty, too.

Why should I treat him like a priority when he treats me like an option? I'm playing myself. I have made chasing after this man my entire identity. I don't even recognize myself anymore. Well, this stops now. I'm going to make myself into someone I love, and then I will attract love, the love that I deserve.