Moment with the Suit - tall - Upload Season 3 Episode 1
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Freeyond has to close its doors permanently as the the news states that the Luddites killed Sato and attacked Freeyond.

Nora and Nathan are returning all the people who uploaded at Freeyond.

Lucy updates everyone on everything that's going on, including Aleesha's promotion as new manager for AI.

Nathan and Ingrid are constantly going at it, and Ingrid finally talks to Tinsley about Nathan and asks her if she copied Nathan.

Ingrid uses the information to blackmail Tinsley into doing whatever she wants.

Nathan is constantly paranoid about his nosebleeds and is keeping them from Nora.

Aleesha tells Luke that she will no longer be his angel because of her promotion which doesn't go over well since he's still upset about Nathan's absence.

Nora and Nathan spend time at one of the families' homes and talk about marriage and such, where Nathan is resigned to his fate of either not survivivng or having to go back and Nora gets upset everytime he implies they don't have a future together but doesn't share that with him.

Cheyenne and her husband are welcoming of NOra and Nathan but are constantly talking about the Ludds like they're a hate group that is taking over, buying into conspiracy theories. Nora wants to defend the Luddites but Nathan has to remind her not to do so.

Aleesha has to teach the AI guys how to be more human. And they are angry about the fact that they have to learn all of this.

Luke is rewatching memories he had with Nathan. He starts deleting some of those memories.

Bill and Cheyenne's son seems more open to understanding the truth about the Ludds.

Bill and Cheyenne put Nathan and Nora to work at the farm.

Ingrid wants a new look and to be more like Nora since she knows that Nathan responded to that well. She wants to take advantage of her second chance with this version of Nathan who doesn't remember the recent bad events.

Luke fills in his memories with Dragon Tale episodes.

Choak comes to talk to Nathan about how he saw him looking at him in the bathroom, but Copy Nathan doesn't remember

Aleesha checks in on Luke and restores his memories, including the ones of her.

She confides in Luke about her issues as manager and he gives her some advice.

Nora and Nathan talk about where they stand in their relationship. Nora tells him she's senstive about how the first year she always had to serve him, and that's been an issue for her. And he let's her know how it bothers him that she keeps making refrences to him being a prince when he's not as privileged as she thinks.

Ingrid tells Copy Nathan the truth about her not uploading. He takes it well and is happy that she's still alive.

Ingrid is shocked that he took it so well and promises not to lie to him anymore.

Ingrid tells Tinsley to save that copy of Nathan.

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Upload Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Horizon wants the AI to be more human than our human engineers.


Nathan: I had a one-night stand with a Brazilian model. Sorry.
Nora: Yeah, Brazilians make the best lovers.
Nathan: Wait, what?