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The show opens with Jack, Ryan, and Kyle running towards a spaceship at six pm.  Kyle blows up the space ship and it is not filled with Visitors, but humans. Erica is at the FBI headquarters and she gets a call from them telling her what they did.

Anna knew that this would happen and that the public would have a huge outburst against the fifth column. This would make the humans want to capture people in the fifth column.

The next scene is twelve hours earlier when Ryan gets a call from Joshua telling him Anna’s plans sending a ship of trackers.

Ryan tells the other group about trackers and makes them all agree it is a good idea to blow up the shuttle except for Jack. He does not agree with their plans.

Chad comes to visit Jack and tells Jack that he travels in the shuttles. Jack tells him to stay away from the shuttles today.  Later, Chad goes and tells Anna what he hears from Jack. He tells her that he can not tell her his source.

Anna realizes that their security has been breached again and their still is a traitor within their ship. She sends a bunch of humans instead.  Now the scene is caught up with the present time.

Jack gets upset that he feels that they are nothing better than the V’s and tells the group that he is out.

Tyler rushes to the mother ship when he hears of the accident to make sure Lisa is okay. He runs into Anna and she tells him that Lisa is fine. He tells Anna that he has decided that he wants to start the live aboard program. Anna tells Tyler to go home and pack.

Back at the station Erica gets word that their identity may be found out. She calls Ryan to warn him to cover up the evidence. As she is talking to him, she notices a picture of one of the body bones and realizes that it isn’t their fault - the bodies on the ship were already dead. Just at she realizes this, she suspects that her boss deleted the picture.

Ryan and Kyle go to the station and remove the evidence. Just in the nick of time Ryan is able to delete the evidence.  Back at the station, they give word to Erica who believe everything is covered up, until her boss tells her that they already went to the toll and retrieved evidence and brought in a suspect for questioning.

The suspect is  Jack. Cameron starts questioning Jack and  Erica is a part of it. She is able to tell Jack that the V’s filled the shuttle with dead bodies and it wasn’t their fault.  Once Jack realizes this, he is able to get out because he is a priest and their evidence is not solid.

Lisa goes to see what the glowing arrows were and realizes that the woman’s dream was real and she sees that Tyler will be one of the next humans to be disected. Later that day, Lisa goes to see Tyler and tells her that she is not into him and doesn’t want him to move onto the ship.

Cameron asks to see Erica on the involvement with the fifth column. He assigns her to be head of the special tasks force.

Agent Malik goes to see Anna and tells her that it was her that deleted the pictures. It turns out that Agent Malik is the V and not Cameron. She tells Anna that she will go on to fight the fifth column from inside the FBI.

Lisa goes to meet with her mother and tells her that she failed. Anna realizes that there is something up and smacks her daughter.  She tells Lisa that in order to get Tyler to join the live aboard program; Lisa must play the damsel in distress. Anna breaks her daughter’s legs to make it seem all the more real.

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V Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Jack: Hold on, we are talking about blowing up a shuttle?
Kyle: We are talking about blowing up a V shuttle.

Jack: I suppose you could do better.
Erica: I don't want to embarrass you - more.