V Review: "Hearts and Minds"

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Every week V just keeps getting better and better!

From the very beginning this show keeps you in suspense! Who else would think to start a show blowing up a space shuttle thinking it was filled with evil aliens coming to kill you - when really it was filled with humans!? When we saw the reaction of Father Jack's face it nearly made us shed a tear for all the lost souls!

Erica, Ryan and Hobbes

Thank goodness the plane was filled with dead bodies, but why did they kill all these humans? Was it through the crazy testing that killed them?

"Hearts and Minds" did have us thinking a lot about what is to come. For one thing, do you think Anna knows that something is up with Lisa? When Tyler came looking for Lisa, it seemed that Anna could tell how much he cared for her. Then, Lisa tries to lie to her mother and say Tyler did not want to come join the live aboard program.

We think that throughout the show Anna was dropping hints that she knows something is up with her daughter - from asking her to tell her which expression seemed more meaningful, to her breaking her own daughters legs.

Our question is, since it is so easy for Anna to fake emotion and feelings - do you think she is able to have any? We would love to see her taking a seat in the hot chair and getting tested on her emotional level! Now, that would be something!

Another point we wanted to discuss was the blooming tension between father Jack and Erica. We have a feeling that there is something there that is not strictly platonic. What do you think?

It was interesting to see that the undercover V was not Cameron, but Agent Malik. We knew from the beginning that something was up with her! She just looked off. Do you still think that Cameron could be a V as well? We doubt it.

Now that Erica will be in charge of the new FBI task force that will hunt down Fifth Column members, do you think it will be easier or harder for her to hide that she herself is part of the Fifth Column? Oh what a tangle web the writers weave!

Seriously, if you all are still doubting the greatness that is V - simply DVR one episode and you will see it was not a waste of your time! And for all you V lovers out there - what did you think of this week's episode?

Until next week, we leave you with a few of our favorite V quotes after the jump!

Jack: I won't ever forget what one life's worth. If we're going to win this war we can't go off the rant - we can't lose sight of who we are.
Erica: Jack's right - we can't ever be like them.
Ryan: See, that is what Anna does - she takes our emotions and uses it against us.
Kyle: You call yourselves freedom fighters - you can call yourselves rebels, but make no mistakes kids we're terrorists now. You're willing to bear that cross now so that people can sleep well at night?
Erica: Yeah.
Kyle: Why?
Erica: Because we are the only ones willing to. | permalink
Kyle: We are in this together whether you like it or not. | permalink
Anna: We are of peace - we are always of peace. | permalink
Anna: Your grasp of human emotion is impressive.
Lisa: Thank you mother. | permalink

Hearts and Minds Review

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V Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Jack: Hold on, we are talking about blowing up a shuttle?
Kyle: We are talking about blowing up a V shuttle.

Jack: I suppose you could do better.
Erica: I don't want to embarrass you - more.