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On Vanderpump Rules Season 5 Episode 5, Katie and Tom Schwartz continue to plan their wedding. They go visit the location and Schwartz is upset when he finds out how much Katie is planning to spend. Katie continues to ignore his concerns, and the two get into a big fight when Schwartz makes a joke about buying a Porsche instead of having a wedding.

Meanwhile, James, who was just fired from Pump and SUR, is frustrated about all of the rumors that he is cheating on his girlfriend. He thinks that Jax is responsible for the rumor that he hooked up with GG, but has a harder time denying that he hooked up with Lala's friend Ellie because she has a picture. He says the date has been photoshopped, and fights with Lala about it. 

Jax celebrates when he finds out James has been fired, but gets into a fight with Tom Sandavol about it because Tom thinks it is mean to be happy that something bad happened to James. Ariana also fights with Kristen, who argues that she was never as rude as James, about the same topic. 

At lunch with Ellie, Scheana tries to get information about Lala's boyfriend. She is convinced that Ellie is lying about him not being married. Afterwards she talks to Stassi and Kristen about it, and Stassi reveals that she heard his wife found out about him and Lala from sex tape videos on his phone.

Finally, Sandavol and Ariana have a disagreement about their future because she does not believe in marriage, but they agree to buy a house together. 


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Vanderpump Rules Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

How did we meet? I think we just got drunk and had sex.

Tom Schwartz

I'm worried Katie is going to want a Lisa Vanderpump wedding on a Tom and Katie budget.

Tom Schwartz