Dixon's Under Arrest
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-Martin Purcell, a supposed high roller turns up dead in a room at the Savoy. One of the Savoy's whales accuses him of stealing his watch and wants it returned.


-Vincent can't find the watch and has Purcell's body buried in the desert. Mia and Lena find Purcell's accomplice Otis, a bank teller involved in the con. Otis says Purcell hid stolen items in the heel of his shoe. 


-Savino's boys make Otis dig up Purcell to find the watch, then they leave him in the hole in the desert.


-Violet arrives in Vegas asking to see Dixon. The next day she turns up with bruises and accuses Dixon of assault. 


-Dixon is scared and lies about seeing Violet. A honeymooning couple show up with a picture of him at the Savoy.  Turns out the couple were actors paid off by Barry Silver but since they've left town it's not enough to clear Dixon.


-Mia tells Jack she'll have Chicago put pressure on Silver to help Dixon if he needs her to.  He rejects the plan for now but looks thrilled at her offer of help.


-When Dixon is arrested, Ralph questions Violet. He knows that Silver's ring made the cuts on her face. She eventually recants her story. Silver is furious and tells Ralph that it isn't over.  


-Dixon is released and goes on a date with Yvonne. 

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Vegas Season 1 Episode 17 Quotes

Some days, I love this job.


Would you be all smiles if your house flipped over in the middle of Fremont St?