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Tonight’s episode opened with Dr. Venture attempting to kill him by sitting in Brocks car in the garage. Brock finds him sitting in his electric car and with Dr. Orpheus help, they figured out that Dr. Venture was possessed.

The Monarch with Henchman 21 and Dr. Girlfriends help was using a machine to possess Dr. Venture so he could make him kill himself. Dr. Orpheus went into Dr. Venture’s mind to try and save him. There he runs into images of Thanatos and Eros who help him find his way past Ego, Id, and Super Ego.

While The Monarch is in Dr. Ventures head Henchman 21 told Dr. Girlfriend about how useless he felt. Dr. Girlfriend explained that he was more than just a number and that he was important. Agent 21 and Dr. Girlfriend continued to talk and realized they had a lot in common. At the last moment Agent 21 kissed Dr. Girlfriend.  Dr. Orpheus eventually used Eros to lure the memories of all of Dr. Venture’s dead sons to the ventilation system and they got into the control room where The Monarch was and as they attacked him the Monarch escaped back into his own body interrupting Henchman 21 and Dr. Girlfriend from kissing.

Dr. Venture recovered and went outside to see mild chaos as Hatred and Brock argued over how to deal with Dean (who had been attacked by ants and was now nearly stripped and being hosed down) Dr. Venture declared that his children are "his problem" and not the responsibility of the two feuding bodyguards.

Afterwards, Dr. Venture and Hank have a discussion where he related a story of how he was humiliated at the hands of both his father and the original Team Venture, he implied it was this (among numerous other incidents) was responsible for turning him into the person he is today.

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Venture Brothers Season 4 Episode 14 Quotes

Brock: Someone is in my car!
Hank: Now that's a super power. He can do that from 10 states away.

He get's that way around death, it's like he is in a Creed video.