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Lagertha doesn't want to believe that Ragnar is dead, but she is prepared to rule in his place if he is. 

Aethelwulf tells Ecbert they need to prepare for Ragnar's sons' revenge. 

Ecbert at first tells him he trusts Ragnar, but then tells him to raise an army to prepare for their revenge. 

Ivar challenges Lagertha to single combat. He demands justice for his mother's murder. Lagertha refuses to fight him, saying she does not want to kill him. Ivar says one day he will kill her. 

Bjorn's group worries they may be lost. 

Helga tells Floki she wants a child, but Floki refuses. 

Astrid promises to protect Lagertha. Lagertha thinks it's sweet, but that she would fail. 

Ubbe tells Margrethe that he doesn't hold her part in the betrayal against her and that he misses her. 

Bjorn's group is running out of food and water, and they raid a Muslim town in Spain for provisions. 

Floki walks into a mosque and is clearly interested in their prayer. He stops the rest of the group from killing inside the mosque. 

Bjorn, Rollo, and a few other men bust into a room full of terrified women. 

Helga finds a young girl and tells Floki she wants to take her with them. Floki says no. 

The Seer tells Lagertha she will be killed by a son of Ragnar. 

Bjorn and Hvitserk hear Ragnar's voice. Bjorn knows he is dead. 

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Vikings Season 4 Episode 16 Quotes

Ecbert: Ragnar and I were alike in many ways. I trusted him, he trusted me.
Aethelwulf: I'm not talking about Ragnar, I'm talking about his son, Ivar.
Ecbert: He's a cripple.
Aethelwulf: He's a viking. You made a huge mistake releasing him.

I've come here for justice. Everyone knows that you killed my mother for no reason, except ambition. Therefore I demand justice.