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We pick up where we left off with Ragnar asking his sons who wants to be king.

Ubbe steps forward, but Ragnar gives him a hug.

Bjorn tells Ragnar he may have another son named Magnus in Wessex. Ragnar says he came back to invite his sons to travel to England with him. Bjorn says he wants to go to the Mediterranean.

The Seer tells Bjorn that his father's return will bring death and multiple calamities.

Ivar catches his brothers sleeping with the servant girl he was harassing at dinner. He tells them he wants to be with her too. His brothers arrange it for him. It doesn't go well and strangles her. She begs for her life and he lets her go.

Ragnar asks Lagertha for forgivness for all his bad choices.

Lagertha is seeing a woman named Astrid.

Ragnar attempts to hang himself, but the rope breaks.

Ragnar asks Ivar to come to England with him, and he agrees.


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Vikings Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

Ragnar: I don't know.
Floki: What is it you don't know?
Ragnar: If I'll see you in Valhalla.
Floki: Don't say that Ragnar. If anyone deserves to go to Valhalla, it's you.

Bjorn: Then tell me this, what calamity will befall us?
Seer: Not one calamity, but calamities too many to number. Now that your father has come back, you are happy to see him, I'm sure. But in truth, you should curse the day.