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Ragnar attempts to recruit people for his voyage to England, but he's met with resistance.

Ivar has claimed the servant girl as his own personal slave.

Queen Aslaug tells her sons they need to get married and have children, even if they don't love the woman they marry.

Sigurd tells Ivar that they all feel pitty for him.

Bjorn throws a feast to celebrate his send off for his journey.

The servant girl tells Sigurd that Ivar can't satisfy a womnan. He promises not to say anything, but he tells his brothers.

A sacrifice is performed to protect Bjorn and Hvitserk.

Ragnar realizes he will have to bribe people to sail with him. His sons are not happy about that.

Ragnar tells Queen Aslaug that he's grateful she never poisoned his sons against him.

Queen Aslaug has a vision of Ivar drowning. She tells him not to go, but he is going anyway.

Ivar gets seasick soon after setting sail. A storm hits and Ragnar ties him to a post to keep him from falling overboard. The boat capsizes, and Ragnar tries to save him.


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Vikings Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

Ubbe: Poor Ivar.
Sigurd: Poor Margrethe.
Ubbe: I suppose you had to console her?
Sigurd: I did what I could. She's terrified of him.
Ubbe: So am I.

Bjorn: I wish you were coming with me.
Ragnar: No you don't. You said yourself, this is your destiny, not mine. Your mistakes are yours, and so are your successes.