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Hvitserk accuses Ivar of having Margrethe killed. 

Heahmund tells Alfred he killed Cuthred because he conspired against him. He tells Alfred he did it to save his life. Aethelred thinks Heahmund should be punished for murder, but Alfred tells him that is not his choice to make. 

Ubbe tells Lagertha, Bjorn, and Torvi that Alfred asked them to be Baptized. Bjorn is adamantly against it. 

Alfred's fiance still wants to marry him and they make it official. 

Alfred announces that he will restore Heahmund as Bishop. Ubbe and Torvi agree to renounce their faith and be Baptized as Christians.

Magnus approaches Bjorn and tells him he is also Ragnar's son. 

Harald arrives back in York and makes plans to attack Wessex and then return to Kattegat to overthrow Ivar. 

Ivar tells Hvitserk that he believes he is a god and that Freydis is carrying his divine child. He tells him he needs to make an important sacrifice to the gods and implies wanting to sacrifice Hvitserk. Hvitserk understandably thinks he's crazy. 

Magnus questions why Bjorn is at Alfred's mercy when he should be at theirs. 

Ivar and Freydis get married and prepare to sacrifice a hooded figure. Is it Hvitserk? 






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Vikings Season 5 Episode 13 Quotes

Hvitserk: Just remember, I am also a son of Ragnar Lothbrok. The people of Kattegat don't love you, Ivar. What do you think they would do if you even touched a hair on my head?
Ivar: Well, just a thought, why don't you go back to England with King Harald?
Hvitserk: I belong here with you, Ivar. You know that. I chose your side, and now, for good or ill, you're stuck with me.

Magnus: You have no idea how happy this makes me, after years of being lost.
Bjorn: Well now my brother, you are found.