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Bishop Heahmund is summoned by King Alfred. He wants to know why he brought the sons of Ragnar to England. Ubbe and Bjorn worry that Heahmund has betrayed them, but Lagertha has faith.

Alfred agrees to let them live and settle on the land promised them by King Ecbert as long as they agree to fight for him. They agree to his terms. 

Heahmund learns that he's been replaced as Bishop. 

Ivar announces that he's going to marry Freydis. 

Heahmund tries to convince his replacement to renounce his position. It doesn't work, but he learns that he wants to kill Alfred.

Floki's settlement is struggling and is unable to grow food.

Alfred asks Ubbe to consider being baptized as a Christian. 

Ivar has a dream that Freydis is pregnant with his child. 

The woman Alfred is meant to marry gets involved with Bjorn. 

Heahmund and Lagertha are caught having sex. 

Margrethe wants Hvitserk to kill Ivar. Ivar has her killed. 

Heahmund kills his rival. 

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Vikings Season 5 Episode 12 Quotes

Harald: This is all about the kingship. He takes a wife, produces an heir, and then in his eyes, Kattegat is his forever.
Hvitserk: A good plan, except for one thing.
Harald: What one thing?
Margrethe: He can't produce children. He is boneless.

Alfred: There are important people here who do not want me to grant land to those who in the past have attacked and raided us.
Ubbe: So why would we fight for you when everything you say is just a lie?
Alfred: I am not lying. I am being more honest with you than you have any right to expect. You have thrown yourself upon my mercy, so do not presume anymore upon my charity. When I can, I will grant you that land.