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The battle is over ... or so everyone thinks.

Bjorn is taken back to Kattegat, where everyone thinks he will die.

Oleg is celebrating, saying that he's won and that everyone will come to him now.

Ivar stresses that the battle is far from over and that there is so much more at stake.

Ingrid confides in Gunnhild that Harald raped her and Gunnhild vows to kill him if she ever gets the chance.

Things take a dangerous turn in Iceland when Ubbe continues his pursuit of answers.

Meanwhile, a King answers Bjorn's summons, and goes to tell Oleg that Bjorn is dead.

Oleg cheers and the King is killed, but not before Bjorn arrives on the battlefield.

One of Oleg's men arrows him multiple times, but Bjorn waves his sword after, making everyone think he was a God.

In the end, the Rus flee as all the Kings and Queens of Norway arrive to battle them.

Elsewhere, Olaf is murdered by being set on fire, while Harald escapes his prison and nobody has any clue where he has gone.

Bjorn is stored in a tomb and Gunnhild says there will never be anyone like Bjorn the Great and tears up.

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Vikings Season 6 Episode 11 Quotes

This is a trick, and I'll prove it.


I need you to help me get my armor one last time.