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Bjorn locates Hvitserk and promises him a fiery end to his life. 

Hvitserk pleads with him, but Bjorn has made his mind up. Ubbe wonders how he can say goodbye to his brother. 

Ultimately, though, Bjorn sets up a big death for Hvitserk ... only to have Ubbe break him down and save him at the last second. 

Bjorn exiles Ubbe to beyond the walls, where he won't survive the winter. 

Born seeks solace in Ingrid's arms, but Gunnhild catches them, and tells them she didn't want it to be true. 

However, she tells them that they can get married and be sister wives. She says her child will benefit from having two mothers. 

Bjorn is confused. 

He doesn't get time to think before Ubbe and Torvi announce they are headed to Iceland with Flatnose. 

Once there, Flatnose gets a warning from the gods, meaning that they are all in trouble. 

A small village is attacked by a group of vikings, and it later turns out they have laid claim to the land. 

Harald wonders what this could mean, and Olaf points out that they will be back with an army. 

Oleg loses his patience with Egor when he makes fun of him and threatens to feed him to the dogs. 

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Vikings Season 6 Episode 8 Quotes

People of Kattegat, I fear he will launch an attack very soon as we are a prize worth taking.


Light the fire!