WIDE Jack Biker - Virgin River Season 2 Episode 5
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Mel finds out she wasn’t invited to Mark’s memorial being held by his family. Stacie suggested they might not still be together if he were alive.

Jack has traumatic war memories as Marine buddies come to visit for a reunion, resulting in him reaching out to the family of a platoon member he lost in war.

Connie hears on the police scanner there is a missing persons APB out on Wes and tells Preacher. Connie reveals her own father died in jail, after he’d killed her mother. She never forgave herself for not getting help as a child. Preacher told her the truth about Paige.

Muriel thanked Hope for allowing her to date Doc. Hope crashes their next date out dancing.

Connie confronts Mel about writing Lizzie a birth control prescription.

Lizzie invites Ricky to a party and asks him to bring alcohol. Jack catches Ricky returning a bottle to the bar after their night out.

Mel confides in Hope she's been widowed almost a year now. Hope shares that her second husband passed away a few months after they were married.

Jamie introduces herself to Preacher as a San Francisco restaurant owner and mentions she might have to steal him away.

Jack confides in Mike about his feelings for Mel, but has twins on the way with Charmaine.

Jack finds a dog and gives him to Charmaine.

Calvin mentions there’s a detective sniffing around, and Brady realizes it’s their Marine buddy, Mike, and not to worry. Calvin tells Brady he’s getting into selling Fentanyl.

After talking to Jack about her engagement ring, Mel decides not to give it to Stacie. Stacie overhears the conversation and leaves after arguing with Mel.

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Virgin River Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Connie: Sounds like Muriel and Doc are officially an item.
Hope: Sure looks that way.
Connie: What are you up to?
Hope: Just trying to order coffee.
Connie: You know you lie about as well as you play canasta.

Stacie: I just don’t know how you can stand living in the middle of nowhere.
Mel: It’s called nature.