"Champagne Problems"

On Walker Season 2 Episode 16, the Walkers pull out all the stops to celebrate Abeline and Bonham’s anniversary and Cassie discovers a piece of her past.


On Walker Season 2 Episode 15, Cordell needs the help of someone from his past while Trey shows James and August a new way to deal with life’s frustrations.

"No Such Thing As Fair Play"

On Walker Season 2 Episode 14, the Walker family carries on with a day at the Rangers fair, but Cassie runs into familiar faces from her past.

"One Good Thing"

On Walker Season 2 Episode 13, Walker and Cassie look for any clues to help Bonham in his hour of need while Geri tries to keep the Walker family’s chins up.

"Common Ground"

On Walker Season 2 Episode 12, Cordell reaches a breaking point with Denise and the tensions between the Walker and Davidson families finally hit a fever pitch.


On Walker Season 2 Episode 11, when confronted by the Davidsons, Liam shares an old land survey that could spell trouble for the Walker family.

Mistaken Identity - Walker

On Walker Season 2 Episode 10, Officer Perez mistakes Cordell for a suspect, Trey offers to help Liam, while Colton is struggling with his feelings for Stella.

"Sucker Punch"

On Walker Season 2 Episode 9, when Serano is out on bail, Dan panics and makes Liam a tempting offer that would put Serano behind bars for good.

"Two Points for Honesty"

On Walker Season 2 Episode 8, while setting up protective detail on Trey, Captain James is shot and left in critical condition leaving Walker in charge.

"Where Do We Go From Here"

On Walker Season 2 Episode 7, things grow even more tense between Walker and Liam when Liam's mistake is used to try and set a criminal free.

Walker Quotes

Walker: Congratulations on the promotion. Should have celebrated last night.
Micki: I think you celebrated enough for both of us last night.

Walker: Micki. I figured you'd be a guy.
Micki: So did my mom.