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The episode begins right where it left off with a tense encounter between Micki undercover, Serrano, and the new informant, who was the one that got away.

After the tense encounter, Micki takes off with Garrison, where we learn about their backstory and Cordell stews about how Micki knows the informant.

Garrison is willing to work with the Rangers if he gets immunity. He has evidence that will put Serrano away.

When Micki and Garrison return to his place, Cordell and Captain James are waiting for them. Again, Garrison mentions he knows of a key that leads to evidence, but he wants immunity.

The guys check in back home, and Denice agrees to a deal, but she also flies out there to check on things.

Micki and Cordell check for those files, but one of Serrano's henchmen started a fire, and Micki only rescued one file.

Trey was busy back home playing mediator to four teenagers. He split them into groups of two-Stella and Colton and Todd and August and had them work together to find a key and escape a classroom.

Near the end of the episode, Garrison offers himself as bait to Serrano. Micki soon finds evidence that Garrison was there the night Spider died, followed him, and confronted him.

She soon learns that Serrano is onto him, and this time to keep him from killing her, Garrison must kill Cordell. Shots are fired, They wrestle, and he falls to his death.

Micki looks so sad as she plays the mixtape he made her, and Cordell comforts her.


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Walker Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Garrison: Micki Ramirez, it's been a long time.
Micki: Garrison, why am I not surprised you're wrapped up in all this?

Cordell: Micki, who's that?
Micki: It’s the one who got away