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Tonight’s episode opened with Myka and Pete chasing a suspect out of a building through a window. While the suspect did get away, Pete had gotten the backpack he was carrying and they found the artifact inside. The artifact was a gryphon statue, as Pete and Myka put it in the safety bag both their eyes lit up for a moment.

Back at the Warehouse Claudia got a ping on an anomaly in Hartford CT. It seems that executives from True Heart Insurance were suddenly donating half of their wealth to charity. Artie told Claudia that since Myka and Pete were out of pocket chasing the other artifact the two of them would go to Hartford.

After Myka and Pete completed their drop off of the artifact, Pete heads for his weekend date with Kelly and Myka headed for her high school reunion. That night when Lena took the gryphon out of the bag Myka and Pete swapped bodies.

Artie and Claudia traced the anomaly to a woman who they believed had an artifact that made men do what she wanted. Artie went over to confront her after taking all precautions he could have, yet he was still affected.

Claudia had to restrain Artie by handcuffing him in the closet and go after the woman Lauren herself. When she got to Lauren’s house one of the other men that Lauren made to donate his money was there with a gun planning to take her away. He handcuffed Claudia to the stove.

Myka in Pete’s body arrived where Myka was staying with the gryphon and as they were trying to figure out what to do with it the security guard and the thief sharing the same body arrived with another gryphon. The theif/guard tackled Pete into Myka and they too started sharing the same body and changing back and forth as the guard and thief were doing.  Myka/Pete got the best of the security guard/thief and knocked them out.

Artie escaped from the handcuffs and went to Laurens house where he stopped the man with the gun. While Artie and the man were struggling Claudia made Lauren get the artifact (a pair of stockings) and tear a hole in them. Once they did the spell was broken. Artie thanked Claudia for keeping her head, and then told her she had several ways of getting out of the cuffs and left.

Myka and Pete figured out that the two gryphon’s heads needed to be switch as one should be a lion and the other an eagle.  They switched them back just in time. Myka kissed her high school crush as they were leaving and Kelly showed up at Pete’s door having totally forgiven him for something Myka had said to her when she was pete.

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Warehouse 13 Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Myka (In Pete's body): Pete get your hand off my boob.
Pete (In Myka's body): How did you know that?

Myka: Don't damage the one thing Kelly is looking forward too.
Pete: Don't worry Little Pete is made of steel.