Warehouse 13 Review: "Merge with Caution"

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With two-thirds of this season already having flown by, this week’s episode offered us a glimpse into what Pete and Myka go through when they just try to have a normal weekend.

I will admit I clearly under estimated Pete last week when I asked the question about Kelly whacking him on the head before desert. For that transgression, I declare that Pete is officially The Man now, as he and Kelly went from first date of “only food” last week to “we are spending the weekend in bed together” this week.

Of course, he also scored extra points for having kissed Kelly and Kurt in the same night in two different bodies; not many guys could pull that off.  Seriously, though, I really like Kelly and I think they make a very cute couple. Hopefully she will get to be around for a while and we get to see more of Pete’s romantic side.

Two Main Stars

On "Merge with Caution," Pete ended up in Myka’s body while she was “buzzed” - when he is a recovering alcoholic - and it reminded me of a game I use to play as a kid called “What if... ” As someone who grew up in a recovering family, there were times when I was little and trying to understand certain boundaries.

My siblings and I would ask questions such as “What if someone held a gun to you head?” or “What if you were on a desert island and there was nothing else to drink?” I can honestly say that the question “What if you switched bodies with someone who was already drinking” was not one I would have ever thought up.

Kudos to the writers for their creative yet continued respect towards Pete’s alcoholism. Many shows these days have done an excellent job properly portraying the disease and I am very happy that the writers on Warehouse 13 are among those. Keep up the great work, guys!

As a small side note, did anyone else noticed that Pete (while in Myka’s body) didn’t touch the drink the bartender handed him other than to sniff it. It was a subtle touch, but for those who are familiar with it, very powerful.

How awesome has Claudia become? She was out on her second assignment and had no hesitations and rocked figuring out the artifact and how to stop it. I like Artie’s game of “I see X ways to escape.” I really hope we get to see more of the teacher challenging the student like this. And I actually clapped when he left and said “Claudia, knock knock,” which was a great reference back to episode four in season one when Claudia was introduced when she hacked into the warehouse after Artie.

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Merge With Caution Review

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Warehouse 13 Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Myka (In Pete's body): Pete get your hand off my boob.
Pete (In Myka's body): How did you know that?

Myka: Don't damage the one thing Kelly is looking forward too.
Pete: Don't worry Little Pete is made of steel.