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David Pilcher is walking through a destroyed Wayward Pines. 

In current time, Pilcher is showing Ethan the warehouse where they store supplies, records, and everything else other than food, which is stored in another facility. 

Pam stitches up Ethan's arm and tells him that she is David's sister. 

David explains that he found the genetic mutation in the 1990's and no one would listen to him. He took matters into his own hands to save at least some of the people. He shows Ethan the hibernation chambers. 

David recruited Pope and used him to kidnap people for the chambers. The first group woke up two thousand years later and David told everyone the truth, but they all either tried to escape or killed themselves because they couldn't handle it. He tells Ethan they're part of Group B. 

Delivery man Ted comes to the toy store to meet with Kate and Harold. They're part of a faction that wants to bring down the wall and escape. Ethan assures David that he will not let that happen. 

Theresa learns of Plot 33 from another employee at the real estate office, Henrietta, who quits after being passed up for Theresa's job. She asks Big Bill about it, but he shuts her down and tells her to forget about it. 




Wayward Pines
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Wayward Pines Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

If this was to be our future then I had to find some way to avoid it. I had to save some of us.

David Pilcher

You wanna end up dead too, hun? Don't be stupid.