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Ethan makes it over the mountain and is attacked by the creatures. He tries to shoot at them, but they're very fast. 

Theresa arrives at the realtor's office and meets Big Ben. He gives her her first client and is told to give the man a house. 

Ben arrives at school and is told to go to orientation. 

Theresa goes to talk to Wade Johnson at the hospital. He starts to tell her about something he saw, but they're interrupted by Nurse Pam. Theresa suggests they go look at the house. 

Mrs. Fisher is showing Ben and two other students pictures of the creatures, known as "aberrations" or "abbies."  She gives Ben a quarter that looks very old, but is dated 2095. They find out it is the year 4028 and civilization has died out. 

Ethan continues to navigate the woods. 

Ben learns that everyone was put into hibernation chambers after their car accidents. Wade tells Theresa that he saw the chambers. 

Mrs. Fisher tells the kids that they were chosen to assure the survival of the human race and that a scientist foresaw the aberrations and created Wayward Pines. 

Dr. Jenkins is that scientist. He is David Pilcher and he arrives in a helicopter to convince Ethan to return with him. 

The kids are told not to tell any adults what they have learned. 

Ethan gets in the helicopter with David Pilcher and Nurse Pam is there as well. He sees for himself that there is nothing left. 



Wayward Pines
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Wayward Pines Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Mrs. Fisher: We only allow those who are truly exceptional to join the first generation. We only allow those who we believe are truly ready.
Ben: Ready for what?
Mrs. Fisher: For the truth.

Your accidents were in fact not accidents at all, rather you were all chosen to be here.

Mrs. Fisher