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Ethan tries to explain the truth to Theresa, but she thinks they must have done something to him at the hospital. 

Ethan discovers a bomb in his car. He asks Pam to give him access to the surveillance system. 

Ethan meets with Franklin to ask him about his work in explosive demolition. He says he can't help him. 

In biology class, Mrs. Fisher teaches the kids that procreation is their most important job. 

Pam tells David that there are two new pregnancies, but he's still concerned about the threat. She tells him to trust Ethan. 

Ethan questions Harold who's a friend of Franklin's, but Harold swears he doesn't know anything about the bomb. Ethan presses him and asks him for a list of names of who he's working with, but Harold confesses and says he is working alone. Ethan gives him a note to give to Kate and lets him go.

Theresa tells Big Bill she found something metal buried in Plot 33. He says she shouldn't be snooping around out there. 

Kate comes to talk to Ethan and tells him she doesn't know who put the bomb in his truck. She admits to being part of the resistance group and that its the only thing that keeps her sane. He tells her to surrender the person behind the bomb and he'll keep it between them. 

Pam calls Kate and Harold in for their annual fertility consult. 

Kate tells Theresa that Adam Hassler left her a message that she was entering a government experiment and they wonder if Ethan could have been brainwashed. 

Amy asks Ben to meet her later that night. 

Harold finds out Ted put the bomb in Ethan's truck. 

Ethan stops the group from blowing up the fence and arrests them. Ethan realizes Harold isn't with them and there must be a second bomb. 

Ben and Amy sneak onto the delivery truck. Ethan discovers that Ted drives the truck and that he has the bomb. 

Amy opens the music box as Ethan races to stop the truck. The bomb goes off as Ethan arrives. He finds a shaken Amy and an unconscious, possibly dead Ben. 




Wayward Pines
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Wayward Pines Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Theresa: You know I have not set foot inside that school or your classroom. Is there a tour or a parent/teacher conference coming up?
Mrs. Fisher: School is for children, Theresa, not their parents. Your job is to feed them and keep them safe, let us do the rest.

Franklin, we don't talk about the past here, you know that. Lighten up, Franklin, I'm just messing with you.