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Sheriff Pope tells Ethan to stay in his motel.

The next morning, Ethan goes back to the house to examine the body again. Sheriff Pope arrives and tells him he should leave and that forensics is on their way.

Ethan goes back to the bar to ask Beverly about Bill, the agent who died. She tells him to talk quietly because there are mics under the barstools. She tells him he had a plan to escape and they agree to meet later at the mausoleum.

Ethan discovers Kate works at a toy store and goes to visit. He questions her about the money in the town being counterfeit. She tells him Bill was married.

Ethan visits Bill's wife, Patricia, who tells him that her husband killed himself in front of her.

Pope tells Ethan that forensics picked up the body and took it to the morgue. Ethan goes to the hospital and finds Bill's map.

He sees his wife and son being wheeled in on stretchers. The psychiatrist tells him no new patients have been admitted.

Ethan meets Beverly and shows her Bill's escape plan. She tells him first they have to remove his microchip.

Ethan and Beverly go to dinner at Kate's and plan to escape. The town is on to them and Ethan tells Beverly to get to the cemetery while he distracts them. Beverly is caught and Pope cuts her throat in front of the town.

Theresa and Ben decide to drive to Idaho to look for Ethan.

Wayward Pines
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Wayward Pines Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Ethan: Look, I'm a government agent.
Sheriff Pope: Yeah and Mary Poppins is your grandmother.

Sheriff Pope: I hope you haven't tainted my crime scene.
Ethan: The flies already took care of that.