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Secret Service Agent Ethan Burke stumbles into a small town after a car accident and collapses.

He wakes up in a hospital in a hospital and a nurse tells him the other agent he was riding with died. He asks for his phone and wallet, and she tells him they're probably at the Sheriff's department.

Ethan leaves the hospital and goes to a bar where he meets, Beverly, the bartender. He tells her he's in town investigating two missing agents. She gives him a note with her address and on the back it says "There are no crickets in Wayward Pines."

Ethan leaves the bar, hears crickets, and finds a speaker in the bush.

The next morning he goes to the address on the note and finds a dilapidated house. Inside, he finds the decomposing body of one of the missing agents.

Ethan goes to the Sheriff's office and tells him about the body.

He goes back to the bar looking for Beverly, but a man tells him that no women work there. Ethan becomes angry and the man hits him over the head with a walkie talkie. He then says into it "101628 is not doing well."

Ethan wakes up back in the hospital, but Beverly comes to help him escape. They hide in a cemetary and she tells him she's been there since 1999, but thinks it has only been one year.

Back in Seattle, Ethan's boss Adam Hassler tells his wife Theresa that they don't know where Ethan is.

Ethan finds Kate, the other missing agent. She tells them they're watching them.

Ethan steals a car and tries to escape, but the road circles back. He runs through the woods and comes to an electric fence that surrounds the town.

Wayward Pines
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Wayward Pines Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Ethan: I'll walk you over there.
Arnold: Not necessary.
Ethan: No, no I want to.
Arnold: I don't want you to.

Ethan: Where's my phone and the rest of my things?
Nurse Pam: Oh, we don't have anything of yours, but I can certainly put on my Nancy Drew detective hat and check into that for you.