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Ethan takes Ben and Amy to the hospital where Pam assures him that they will receive the best care. 

Ben and Amy will pull through. David and Pam discuss plans for a celebration to remind people how blessed they are in Wayward Pines. 

Harold and other resistance members try to help the driver who's in bad shape. 

A flashback shows Kate in a straight jacket being evaluated by David. 

Ethan talks to Kate in jail and tells her the bomb nearly killed his son and demands to know where the rest of the resistance is. She tells him it was supposed to go off at the fence, but refuses to give him any names. 

David discovers Ruby is one of the resistance. He tells Pam that someone in surveillance is betraying them and they need to find out who. Pam agrees to investigate. 

Mrs. Fisher comes to talk to Ben about Ethan being too lenient with Kate and Harold. 

The driver dies and instead of burying him in Wayward Pines, they decide to take him over the fence. 

Pam discovers that one of the surveillance members is breaking the rules occasionally, but she covers for him with David, not knowing that David listened in to her interviews. 

Ethan tells Theresa about an old terrorist attack in which he was told to let a bomber go. He then later killed hundreds of people and that is what drove Ethan to Kate. 

Theresa confronts Mrs. Fisher and tells her to stay away from her family. 

David talks to Kate who reveals she knows who he really is. 

David punishes the surveillance guy, Reggie, by putting him back in he hibernation chamber. 

Harold can't leave without Kate, but his partner drives a truck through the fence. He's immediately killed by the abbies. 

Wayward Pines
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Wayward Pines Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Ethan: What happened to you? We were partners, don't you trust me at all?
Kate: These people want to be free and I owe them that chance.

Ben: You said that people are gonna want to hear what I have to say. What does it matter what I think?
Mrs. Fisher: Ben, you survived a terrorist attack. You're a hero now.