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Jason was woken in Wayward Pines as a baby and was raised by Pilcher and Pam to be the eventual leader. 

Arlene flirts with Theo, who flashes his ring. 

The town believes the abbies have run away, but Theo is skeptical. 

Pam shows up in Jason's house. She asks him to let her guide him with Pilcher's plans to create new settlements. 

Pam returns to work at the hospital and steals a syringe from a drawer.

Pam steals vials and runs into Megan in her lab. She coldly sends her away.

Theo asks Pam about her reason for being in Hawaii and the selection process for the town. He wants to know why he was chosen. She doesn't answer his questions. 

Pam injects herself with whatever is in the vile. 

Jason holds a meeting to discuss plans and invites Pam to attend. Theo interrupts and tells everyone that Pam took a vile of smallpox. 

Pam wants to infect everyone and let them all die out. She begs Jason to let her, but he has her taken away and quarantined. 

Theo says she didn't infect anyone because she's still within the incubation period. 

Pam asks Jason to kill her and he strangles her in the woods. 

Wayward Pines
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Wayward Pines Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Theo: You really believe those things just ran away?
Arlene: Well I mean you have to have hope, otherwise people just lose their crap.

Theo: Why is it that people put so much faith in that kid?
Rebecca: Because he's been groomed for this.
Theo: By some prince?
Rebecca: Sometimes you just have to stop asking questions.
Theo: Yeah I can't do that.