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CJ wakes up in 2034. He's alone. He keeps the chambers clean and follows the news before going back into his chamber. 

Theo wants to teach the abbie to communicate with them. 

CJ wakes up again in 2514, he's been waking up every few years to check on the status of the world. He goes outside and meets a man named Griffin. He can see the beginning of man's evolution into abbies. Griffin wants to go with CJ, and CJ is forced to kill him. 

The female abbie gives up her food reward to the males, showing empathy for them. 

CJ wakes up again in 3214. He imagines a girl, clearly someone he once loved. 

Adam bursts into the lab demanding the female abbie be let out, saying they are coming for her. 

CJ wakes up in 4014. He wakes up Pilcher and a few others who will begin construction and prepare for Group A's awakening. 

CJ doesn't want to provoke the abbies, and argues against building over their settlement, but Pilcher insists they get to work. 

Theo tries an experiment with the abbies and Jason starts shooting them, angering everyone, including Kerry. 

Jason asks Theo if they woke up too soon. CJ says there's no point in discussing a mistake that can't be undone. 

The female abbie escapes and kills Megan. 






Wayward Pines
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Wayward Pines Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

She's not just some chimp that's repeating a sequence for a cookie. She's an intelligent being, maybe she can help us out of this mess.


I taught my dog to go outside in two days. She's smarter than that.